Here's FIFA Running On Nintendo Switch

In the latest batch of Nintendo Switch commercials, we get our first look at FIFA (presumably FIFA 18) running on Nintendo Switch.

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AcidDvl370d ago

This a PS4/PC video cuted to the promo. If you slow down the footage you notice the shooting animation starts before he presses the button. Plus he aims diagonal up and the shoot is diagonal down.

Debunked. Not real Switch footage. This is a 'promo' after all.

Berenwulf370d ago

How are people still believing that anyone is showing real gameplay in an ad?
It's just like the Skyrim footage we have seen in the first Switch ad...

But it's obviously not just Nintendo everyone does it, so that's why I am surprised that people are still believing they are seeing actual gameplay.

If there is no glare or real reflections on the screen you should get suspicious anyway.

Maybay369d ago

It EA! Remember "unprecedented partnership?" I'm assuming they (EA) still hold a grudge.

wonderfulmonkeyman370d ago

Cue the third party fanboys saying it looks like crap because it's on a Nintendo system, in 3...2...1...

akurtz370d ago

you seem to only trigger yourself

ShinMaster370d ago

It's common with insecure fanboys

affrogamer370d ago

be honest with yourself, IT DOES LOOK LIKE A PS3/360 Fifa!

Stevonidas370d ago

FIFA looks like ass on any platform.

Bjorn-c-blocker370d ago

That is because it is. It is stock footage provided by EA for Nintendo to use to promote the switch the real game will not be revealed until E3... real press get real stories.. most game sites cant even check Japanese translations and if it is not on Neogaf have no idea what something says

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LucasRuinedChildhood370d ago

The only people who even think third party fanboys are a thing are Nintendo fanboys (not fans). It seems like something someone would say if they isolated themselves away from everything except a Nintendo console. lol.

And well, it's in handheld mode in this footage so it's going to look rougher than normal because of that as well. It doesn't look as good as the other versions of the game here and when docked it likely won't look as good either. It being judged as looking bad is not because it's on a Nintendo-branded system. It just looks worse than what people are used to.

wonderfulmonkeyman370d ago

"The only people who even think third party fanboys are a thing are Nintendo fanboys"
You keep right on believing that there aren't fanboys out there that will forgive their favorite third party game makers for just about anything.
The rest of us, out here in a little place we like to call Reality, know better.
There are fanboys for basically everything. Stop living in denial of that by trying to blame it on Nintendo fanboys.

datriax370d ago

It looks like crap because it's on a Nintendo system.

r2oB370d ago

Looking like crap is relative. Is it based on being a handheld? Is it based on being a console? Ones perception could be based on many things, such as "superior versions" being available elsewhere, on hardware that's less expensive.

Conversely, you can say Nintendo fanboys will say it looks good because it's on a Nintendo system. Be honest, if this was the PS4/Xbox One version that looked like this you would think it looked like crap. But you don't, and that's because you know it's the Switch version.

wonderfulmonkeyman370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

" Be honest, if this was the PS4/Xbox One version that looked like this you would think it looked like crap."
Actually, you're wrong about that.
I'm someone who still frequently finds games like Ar Tonelico, Borderlands, and many other games on Sony systems from as far back as PS2 to still be good-looking games.
Because I'm broad-minded, not narrow-minded, graphically speaking.
I find a wide variety of games beautiful as a result, regardless of system, and I never use the graphics of a game as the reason to skip one version over another.

So if this was the PS4/X1 version, then no, I would not say it looks like crap.
Because as someone who still finds beauty in PS3 and even sometimes PS2 era games, it doesn't look horrible at all.

Heck, at this very moment, I happen to be replaying Skyward Sword, and appreciating the art style just as much now as the first time. And that's not even in HD.

Bjorn-c-blocker370d ago

It is not even the switch version. I can read Japanese.. it has a disclosure on the video that it is not the game that will be released on the switch.

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Pandamobile370d ago

All the Switch needs is Rocket League and it's got my purchase.

deafdani369d ago

Add some Super Mario Strikers on top. That needs to come back.

370d ago
XboxInnovation370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

So basically like my Android 4.0 tablet from 4 years ago

Amongunz370d ago

You guys are just super haters for no reason... i hope this machine takes off just to spite you all.

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