How Rockstar's Vision of America in 'GTA IV' is More Relevant Than Ever

An unlikely celebration of New York that subtly acknowledges the power of invitation and inclusion

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AnubisG160d ago

Why did you feel the need to spread your political agenda on a video gaming website? Go to a political forum and talk about this there. GTA is not a good example to show people who life should be for immigrants. GTA is based in violance as you put it and it's the worst example for anything real life. We play GTA because we can do stuff there we can't in real life. GTA is a parody of America and American culture. You shoukd be smarter than looking for life lesons in GTA.

devileyed160d ago

Yep! a perfect time for the joker's "here we go again" meme. People are having a freaking meltdown these days

ZombieGamerMan160d ago

You know what I would hesitate calling GTA's america a parody of the real one when it feels more like an accurate representation. Seriously the world has gone insane and it makes GTA look realistic

AnubisG160d ago

The world is insane but GTA is on a whole other level.

fleecejohnson75160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Eh, they might as well get political. He'll look at the way we treat the video games around here? Is all political. Unless you're part of one-party around here you're getting lambasted, trolled and hated on. So we're not really talking about the games like we should anymore anyway. It is just a whole bunch of fanboy figts, one-party fighting with another and a whole bunch of partisanship. Political talk fits right in around this place. People act like warring political parties around here anyway. And gaming (unless you're sucking up to a certain company around here) isn't really the focus like it should be anymore it seems.

Hell, we need something to break it all up even if just for a moment. Or should we get back to the same old your system has no games, mine is better, the graphics are better here pissing contest that run rampant around here? At least it's something damn sure different. I truly get what you're saying, but the state that this site is in, getting political with GTA and making up a different story outside of the same old crap around here isn't the problem.

AnubisG160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Dude, PS fanboys vs Xbox fanboys is one thing. But bringing in immigration, reps vs dems, and all that to a video gaming website is not cool.

Also all this "warring" is going on because journalists fuel them. Now they don't talk much about PS vs Xbox. Now they try to bring in real world politics and it does not belong.

By the way, this mentality, us vs them is seeded so deeply in humans it's unbelivable. It's tribalism and everyone has a "team". But for the most part we can come together but this is made difficult when we get stupid articles like this with the sole purpose of trying to further divide people.

Journalims is horrible now. Gaming journalims is the bottom of the barrel but main stream media has sunken very close down next to it the last few years.

So in my opinion, political articles do not belong here. I come here to read gaming news and leave the real world behind only to have it follow me here.... :S

fleecejohnson75160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

The thing is man, I agree about what you're saying. However when you can't even come to this site and have real discussion about games without it resembling politics, getting political & turning into the kind of crap you see on news networks from journalist and everything else. So what's the point of really getting mad about this when we've turned it political already well beyond this?

There are so many things that we've let out of Pandora's Box that we should be worried about putting back in first as far as things go that I'm like why should we get mad about something like this? Especially when we have much deeper scars from much worse self-inflicted wounds. Hell what we should be even more angry with is the fact that we as gamers can't just get along, respect each other's choices, and enjoy this pretty sweet hobby that we have watched grow over time.

And trust me, I'm not arguing that you're wrong or anything. That's why I started to come here. I wanted to get away from The Real world and talk about the awesome hobby that we have. However, the Fanboys, brand zealots and arguments that started ensuing here are just as vicious and vitriolic as those in politics. Replace Republicans and Democrats with "xbots" with "sony drones". And it sucks as this is an awesome f***ng honby we have that we are ruining on our own as gamers.

AnubisG160d ago

I see what you are saying and you are right. That is why I said that tribalism is part of human nature. We always find something to argue about.

It does suck that we gamers always fight over which console is better but it is our nature. However I think it's way more innoncent than talking about immigration and dems vs reps. This nation is so damn divided now that any place I don't see this crap going on is a place I like to be. But it has infected n4g as well now. The cat is out of the bag and I'm afraid we will see more and more politically charged "gaming news" in the future.

Why can't we just talk about games and argue about which console is better? Those were simpler times :D

opinionated160d ago

Yeah all 7 billion of you are invited if you destroy shit like niko! Some left wing hack in Seattle just said you all have constitutional rights before you even come here. We will render the rights of our citizenry utterly useless just to get you here. Come on, the water is great. Just demand your due process rights if your in Venezuela or Pakistan, it doesn't matter.