Huge Battlefield 1 Update Out Now, Here's Everything It Adds, Changes, And Improves

Check out the full patch notes for Battlefield 1's newest major update.

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GameHead85396d ago

My menu screen is still laggier then hell.

aaronaton396d ago

still no dedicated map servers... also forces rental servers to have a map cycle. All i wanna do is play St.Quentin Scar on repeat... at least give me the option!

Dpooly396d ago

Ball Room Blitz > St.Quentin Scar. but i 100% agree with you

TargusX395d ago

If it doesn't add offline single player bots...then I'm still not buying. Why have they done away with offline bots? 1942 had it, BF2 had it, VN had it, 2142 had it(?) - people still beg for it in countless forums yet they don't listen. Sad times.