The Best Premium Wireless PS4 Headset? Astro A50s 3rd Generation Review - Start Replay

Josh reviews the 3rd-generation Astro A50s. Is it the best PlayStation 4 headset?

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ChronoJoe666d ago

They're decent but not as remarkable as this reviewer makes out, in my opinion. Sound quality is 'good' but not amazing, mic quality is average, okay but not great, battery life is poor, especially compared to the Playstation Platinum Headset.

For me the comfort was a 3.5 out of 5, but that will vary from person to person. I found they were hard on my ears after a few hours of gameplay. Not a deal breaker because I could play for a long while without it being an issue, but its worse than other sets that can almost feel like they're not there anymore after a while.

Enate666d ago

I agree as far as the mic quality theyreallu should copy Sennheiser g4me mic. For me though the sound location accuracy is perfect. It's clear and concise I can tell exactly where the enemy is. I do wish they would just put a mutual button. Instead of the flip up mic thing. As I find over time that wears out the joint. An there is no way to tighten it once it's loose.

666d ago