Revisiting: ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ (2008)

ScreenCritics Groot takes a look back at Grand Theft Auto IV - arguably the most divisive of Rockstar's hugely popular gaming series.

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Profchaos667d ago

I revisited it 6 months ago on pc. When the graphics are maxed out it manages to hold up and even still look quite nice for a 2008 (2009pc) game.

I also revisited liberty city when the 360 version recived backwards compatibility and father time has not been as nice.

However the story is still engrossing past the 20 training missions seriously the first 20 missions are dedicated to learning the mechanics.

The radio is still absolute quality and over 8 years your musical prefrences have probably changed and I discovered more music I disregard previously.

Everything about the game is quality however dated it has become it holds a candle to the other early high definition open world games and dominates them all seriously it's main competitor was sr2 which after seeing what gta 4 deliverd took a massive detour into let's abandon seriousness and get silly because we can't compete

Epicor667d ago

"some features, that were featured in earlier games, were dropped and this might just be the reason why the game is underrated. The ability to customize your character by changing your hair style or getting a tattoo was not longer an option, while the clothes were also downgraded."

This definitely isn't the reason why GTA4 is my least favorite 3D universe GTA game. The real reason for me is that the game is simply boring in comparison to other installments in the series. Gunfights, driving, characters - all of those very boring.

"But I can see way it was underrated in comparison to Grand Theft Auto V and San Andreas, cause it lacks features that made the game so interesting. The developers took this as an experiment to try and show to the gaming public the realism and the visuals..."

No way Rockstar would make a GTA and consider that as an experiment. It's the biggest gaming franchise in the world (not counting annual acti/ea releases).

Kallisti667d ago

I know I'm in the minority but I personally enjoyed GTA IV more than V, plus if you check out some comparison videos like Crowbcat's you can see R* payed more attention to lot of small details that they didn't in GTA V

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