Only 8% Of Injustice 2 Fans Managed To Received The Beta Code, Poll Suggests

Injustice 2 is just about to hit the shelves soon! Injustice 2 is set to release on May 16, 2017 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, sorry PC gamers, no news yet. Ed Boon has been teasing and keeping up the hype for Injustice fans for more than a while. Prior to the final release of Injustice 2, Ed Boon and Netherealm Studios are giving away limited number of Beta codes to some lucky users.

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642d ago
zeal0us642d ago

They got three months. I'm just ready for the character reveal.

robtion642d ago

Wish they would just release a demo like they did with the first game. Would make the wait more bearable.