Ready at Dawn's "Deformers" To Get Open Beta; Will Run on Same Engine as The Order 1886

Ready at Dawn's Deformers will run on the engine built for The Order: 1886 and will support PlayStation 4 Pro with specific enhancements.

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masterfox610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

Engine as The Order 1886 ?, very versatile engine I must say, now if is possible can we get a The Order 1886 sequel ? , 1886 was short but it was damn amazing.

Nitrowolf2610d ago


I really hope it doesn't end up being like Heavenly sword or lair. I know lair isn't the greatest game out there but I really do wish that Sony would revisit it, I feel it has a lot of potential.

Same deal with Heavenly sword, it truly was a great title for its time.

All I'm saying is I don't want the order to become a wasted IP that's just lying around the game deserves a sequel in regards to hell good they was. yes it has faults but that's why it needs a sequel to improve

Abash610d ago

The Order was decent, it had amazing gun fights and shooting gameplay.... but there was not nearly enough of it nor was there enough enemy variety.

If there is a sequel to it one day, it really needs to set out to do more this time around.

GtR35olution610d ago

The order 1886 is one of the best games ive ever played and im hoping there will be a new one.

inveni0610d ago

I'd love to see The Order get a sequel. It could only get better, and has the potential to be a killer franchise. Sony and [email protected] are crazy to let that one go.

bouzebbal610d ago

The atmosphere of the order has no equal this gen in my eyes. It's so mature and so well directed. I really hope they jump back in. They just need to make it longer and vary on the boss fights.

shloobmm3609d ago

@abash the shooting ganeplay was by far one of the worst in the genre and The Orders major knock outside of the terrible werewolf fights. Game was beautiful,story was great( although when that dude showed his dick i was pissed we didnt get to kill him) but the gunplay itself was atrocious.

609d ago
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Nyxus610d ago

Agreed, I would love a sequel. Does Sony own the IP or RAD?

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Kurisu610d ago

It seems like a waste of an engine to me :(

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sampson3121610d ago

The game is great. i want a sequel also.

IamTylerDurden1610d ago

A sequel would've already been announced had the media not (unfairly) absolutely blitzed RaD, Sony, and The Order 1886. It shattered Sony's relationship with RaD and likely killed a promising sequel in favor of rubbish like "Deformers". Sad. It's sad bc The Order was foolishly categorized as a Gears clone and completely misjudged. The Order was a piece of art not to be put in a box and destroyed for what misinformed ppl thought it wasn't.

I loved The Order and it's disheartening that RaD is putting time into a game like Deformers rather than The Order 1887. The world, engine, and lore of The Order had enormous potential for a sequel.

ninsigma610d ago

The misinformation that went around for that game was mind blowing. I definitely enjoyed it but would like to see improvements. I hope a sequal does happen.

SenorFartCushion610d ago

No it wasn't, it was half a tech demo with half a story. It was simply there, like Ryse, to show off the power of the system.

It doesn't deserve praise.

Nyxus610d ago

It was a great game. Played it twice.

ninsigma610d ago

Ryse is also better than you give it credit for. Not as good as the order but still an ok game.

subtenko610d ago

The Order: 1984

DO ITTTTT (only in the game I mean)

nevarDcirE609d ago

I feel like The Order: 1984 would lose alot of the atmosphere of the original... Might as well make Teen Wolf: The game.

subtenko609d ago

How about The Order: 1996, it'll be in the good ol 90's and all that jazz. Maybe it'll be based in bel'air and we'll play as a prince. The DLC could be pretty fresh too.

spicelicka610d ago

I'm actually curious to know how a team goes from making something like the Order to this. Is it a different smaller team? Did someone just do a really good job of pitching this idea?

I'm not hating on this particular game, but I'm just wondering. If I was working at Ready at Dawn, I'd be stoke to be working on big AAA shooting game with Lycans, and if someone came and told my our next project was about cartoon piglets I'd be pretty confused.

Abdou023609d ago

I really enjoyed the Order 1886, I hope they already working on a sequel on parallel with this garbage.

Nathan_Hale53609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

Order was meh. I would personally never consider it amazing unless we're speaking about visuals, and maybe an interesting setting.

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RhymeNorReason609d ago

@gtr35olution You're delusional. The Order was so bland. Lets make fun of Xbox games all day long but defend a bland PS4 game.

Psychonaut85609d ago

Ready at Dawn doesn't own The Order IP, Sony does. So it will be Sonys call as to what happens with it. Even if they do make a sequel Sony might give it to another studio.

DanteVFenris666609d ago

It's no versitile than any other engine probably. Some people think the engine makes the game. It's the artists and programmers that make the game. The engine just makes it easier to develop. Because of build in things in them. Some older engines don't have all of the built in features as the newer or more popular ones.

ChronoJoe609d ago

I'm not sure how this demonstrates it's a versatile engine. What did you think the orders engine was doing? Lighting, rendering, collision etc, same thing it's doing in this game. If this were an open world game then I'd understand where you were coming from because those games tend to feature a very different set of challenges, yet this game doesn't feature anything like that. The largest challenge here is probably integrating netcode.

It's also their own engine, so they build upon it in order to produce what they want for their next game. Using the same engine doesn't really mean anything at all, because I'm sure that engine is not the same for this game. If a broom has its head replaced, yet its handle remains the same, is it still the same broom?

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Rimeskeem610d ago

Sony, please give Ready @ Dawn another chance at an Order sequel. Everyone knows what they are capable of, and now they know what people want.

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ChickenOfTheCaveMan609d ago

I wouldn't mind but Sony has enough great1st party studios that could handle the sequel and bring it to the next level.

DivineAssault 610d ago

I hope its good.. Im not gambling $60 on a new game anymore.. I wouldnt rule them out though, they are talented..

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ninsigma610d ago

Such a strange departure from the order. This isn't my thing so I won't be getting it but good luck to them. I hope to see them making a sequal to the order. A lot of potential in that game, team and engine so I'd like to see them tackle another big project.

robtion610d ago

What a waste of talent. RAD should be working on The Order franchise. Come on Sony.

ninsigma610d ago

Agreed. This holds no interest for me at all but I'd be all over a sequal for the order.

StrawberryDiesel420610d ago

I agree. If ever there was a petition in order (No pun intended) this warrants it. Give us The Order: 1887!!!

andrewsquall609d ago

I guess that's what happens when you are a developer that WORKS FOR YOURSELF. Sony don't own Ready at Dawn and you clearly assume that they do. RAD can do whatever they want.
Hopefully they will talk to Sony about a sequel to The Order 1886 in the future, just stop being so entitled.

Phunkydiabetic1609d ago

The order was boring. It looked good and had the beginnings of a somewhat decent story but other than that it is shit. Just pure shit. Shit boss fights. Shit gameplay. Stupid shitty slow walking and shitty examining of shitty objects.

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343_Guilty_Spark610d ago

Sony just keeps cranking away. Microsoft pay attention.

pody610d ago

It's coming to Xbox as well, and PC. You obviously only read the title. :P

andrewsquall609d ago

RAD aren't are were never owned by studio. Its weird when a studio puts out critically acclaimed games (like Daxter and the 2 GOW games on PSP), people assume that they must be a 1st party studio owned by Sony.
For years people even thought Metal Gear Solid was owned by Sony when it is simply a studio head that wants to make an incredible game that takes advantage of the architecture of the console they are making it for, rather than sell an underwhelming piece of crap to as much people as possible.

Noskypeno609d ago

So why were all the PS2 MGS games exclusive to Sony when they couldve gotten more from the xbox

SolidGear3609d ago

Metal Gear Solid 2 was released on the original Xbox though

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