The Digitization Of Sierra Classics Initiative (TDOSCI)

An excerpt from GameTyrant's article: "The Digitization Of Sierra Classics Initiative (TDOSCI) is a movement aimed at ActiVision Blizzard (who own Sierra and their catalog). Its creator believes that a large portion of Sierra's games aren't available digitally on, a digital distribution platform service primarily focused on bringing DRM-free classic and indie games to consumers for affordable prices and are only obtainable for anything up to three-figure amounts via sites such as eBay, something which they believe is too expensive for non-collectors."

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fenome589d ago

I used to have a box of old Sierra games but I got rid of them when I moved. I wish I would've done some research, I could've made some money.

CTxCB589d ago

...Or you could have have played them again? The Sierra Games are amazing, but sadly, a lot of them aren't readily available digitally. Personally, I'd like to see EcoQuest, The Adventures of Willy Beamish and Roberta Williams' Mixed-Up Mother Goose / Mixed-Up Fairy Tales on GOG.

fenome589d ago

Yeah, they are great old games. I just don't game on PC anymore.

BlackIceJoe589d ago

It is sad how many great Adventure games were out in the past and very few. I remember the rivalry between LucasArts and Sierra, yet now both companies don't exist. I feel like there is a goldmine if Activision and Disney could bring the old classics out on consoles, plus PC again. A better idea would be a remake, but I doubt that'd happen.

CTxCB589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

Sierra has been back since 2014, although now they're basically publishing indie games and lending classic Sierra IP to big name developers to create reimagining of them... King's Quest, which was released sometime last year in episodes, was really good, very well casted and very beautiful. LucasArts though, made great games too... I love their games, I always feel sad when I think of LucasArts because I think of what they could have been today if George Lucas hadn't kept using the studio to make a slew of Star Wars games. There's too many Star Wars games to count, but I can count the good ones on one or two hands.

Derceto589d ago

This guy has the hilarious misconception that Activision even remotely cares about "preservation" or "making things affordable".

Need to get your head out of your a** bud. Sadly, this will go absolutely nowhere.

CTxCB588d ago

Well, affordable isn't that you think it'd mean. Before SWAT 4: Gold was on GOG, it was selling for $100 on Bay, and now it's selling for ten percent of that at $10, which is affordable. Also, ActiVision Blizzard isn't ActiVision, or Blizzard Entertainment, they're all separate entities.