Up to 67% off remastered Capcom games for PS4 and Xbox One

A few remastered Capcom games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are on sale with Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (Digital) dropping to $12.50, , Resident Evil 4 (Physical) to $14.99 and Resident Evil Origins Collection (Physical) to $19.45.

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indysurfn668d ago

If it is old it is new to me. Final Fantasy VII REMAKE PRE-ORDER is there. It is listing the game as coming out on December 2017! for $47 instead of 59.99 unlike other pre orders you don't have to put money down!!! With free prime shipping that arrives to your DOOR the day of release (all my experiences except one, and they gave me a credit for it being late).

If FFVII turns out to be the style of game you want you will know before it releases. Then you can cancel it. If not you can keep the discount while everyone else pays the full price. Amazon gives good deals.

SpinalRemains138668d ago

Have the arcade cabinet done for PS4. It stinks that you buy it for PS3, but if you want to play it on ps4 you must pay to stream it. That's lame.

343_Guilty_Spark668d ago

They should remaster Lost Planet.