75% off Tales Of Hearts R and Tales of Zestiria

Tales Of Hearts R has been discounted to $7.39 on Vita while Tales of Zestiria is also on sale for $14.99 on PS4.

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gangsta_red647d ago

Skip Zestria if youre a Tales fan.

captaincow646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Hearts r on the other hand I think is very worth it if you have a vita

Darkwatchman646d ago

I don't get all the disagrees. Zestiria is one of the worst entries in the series by far.

gangsta_red646d ago

I really don't understand either. I am a huge Tales fan and I couldn't even get half way through it without either getting extremely bored or angry at how awful it was.

LAWSON72646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

I really dont get this games hate, it suffers pretty much the same problem as any other current Tales game. The only thing I thought was a problem was the way to complex equipment system. IMO Tales of Berserias story would be far less interesting unless you played it

Darkwatchman646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Berseria has some of the most bland characters of the franchise along with the horrid input delay. It's got a disgusting input delay of 3-5 frames across all versions of the game which when it's a 30fps game, makes it even more unresponsive. Ruined what could have been engaging combat. Berseria runs at 60fps and has no input delay to speak of whatsoever :)

Edit: The game also pulls that bs late in game where all of a sudden those optional memory fragments become mandatory to progress in the story

PhoenixUp646d ago

These games are currently on sale on PSN

worldwidegaming646d ago

Zestria is trash. Don't do it! I bought it on sale and it's a chore to play. I plan to beat it only to get my money's worth but damn, it's bad. I feel sorry for the people who bought it for full price.

LAWSON72646d ago

Dont feel bad for me I spent $60 and was quite content with what I got

Featuring_Dante646d ago

I hated Zestiria at first, but i'm playing through it now after a year, and i have to say that i love it.

Darkwatchman646d ago

I bought it at full price and was so let down that I almost gave up hope on the franchise entirely. I got Berseria day 1 only because I had the money to blow that day and it is so much better

worldwidegaming646d ago

Rather then be lazy and downvote take a minute or two and explain why you think said title deserves to be purchased. You might be able to change my mind...maybe I missed far it's trash, the story is trash and all over the place. Worse is the battle system which is not solid nor worthwhile to even grind much less search online for a good place to grind.

Featuring_Dante646d ago

the battle system, even though its lacking control, is the best and most technical battle system in the series.
story being trash is subjective, i'm enjoying the subjects it sheds light on.