The New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Introduces Us To Some Of The Massive Robot Dinos

Guerilla Games have released two new trailers for Horizon Zero Dawn showcasing two of the games massive robot dinos, Snapmaw and Thunderjaw.

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corroios676d ago

Must not see this. I must be strong!!!

Majin-vegeta676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

Just shows you some,attacks and other little info about them like weakness,challenge level

naruga676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

oh man ...this game losing alot from its potential with these robot dinos ....why not biological creatures ? their concept artist made excellent work reimagining new reallistic creatures why make them robotic?... generally lifeless impersonal protagonists/enemies in games are not very appealable and are not well treated by fans ...take for example KNack , was a brilliant as a game structure though only because its non-attachable/lovable protagonist didnt manage to attract attention also Binary Domain where enemies were all robotic, dindnt have any real flaw though didnt manage to succeed or see the same appeal as Gears (even if it was far more well 'engineered' )..... yes this my opninion but one of its promoted main power features (the expertly well made robotic creatures) may be one of its main notable weaknesses and work as a repellent element for the game

DigitalRaptor674d ago

@ naruga

Guerrilla has experience in mecha design and its purpose is deeply tied into the story.

81BX674d ago

Im not sure what potential this game is loosing??? It is literally the same thing they pitched from the start. This isnt new info

BlakHavoc674d ago


You are probably the only person I know that would prefer real animals over robotic creatures. And as far as I'm concerned they've nailed the aesthetic of these creatures.

Majin-vegeta674d ago

@Narugs you want realistic animals go play Farm cry primal or Ark.

Seems to me majority of the people are excited about robotic animals

Deadlead674d ago

True but I think a lot of the fun in this game will be finding, fighting, and building strategies to fight all these cool robosaurs. I was weak, I caved, it still looks awesome. I could not be more ready for when this drops

MRMagoo123674d ago

I'm buying a ps4 pro tomorrow because of this game wtf are you talking about naruga 😂

_-EDMIX-_674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

@nar- you sound like you're going to suggest so many damn changes that by the time you're done talking you're technically describing Assassin's Creed Revelations lol

No one stopping you from playing Far Cry primal.....

So why are you recommending this game be another game that technically already exists? You want to kill real animals as opposed to robots? Then go play games in which you do that ....

Your post is so bizarre and their relevant it doesn't even make any sense as to how this is even being suggested you're basically asking for it to not even be the concept in which was presented in the first place.

Be like "Mass Effect is losing a lot of its potential and why do they have to be in space? It'd be better if they were just on Earth and never in space and it was actually a first person shooter about dinosaurs"

guyman673d ago (Edited 673d ago )



Anyways: naruga your post is just a laughable and hopeless attempt at trolling

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81BX674d ago

Rofl. You sound like me. Know i wondering why i even clicked to comment. This game is going to be an excellent experience

Sm3000673d ago

Dude it doesn't spoil anything, go ahead and watch. No lie

BlakHavoc674d ago

The Snapmaws lunge attack is awesome! I was not expecting it to lunge at her from that far back, and the way it slid on the ground when it landed was nice. The animations in this game are crazy good.

UCForce674d ago

I love these robots design. They remind me a lot of Zoid.

81BX674d ago

Agreed. It looks beautiful in design. GG has out done them self.

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medman674d ago

I will buy. I must buy. What am I talking about....I pre-ordered the for this beauty the first day pre-ordering was possible. I was convinced immediately. I hope to be very right.

Ceaser9857361674d ago

creature of this must i kill now, may the force be with us all

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