Why VR hasn't reach its potential and may never

Although they are readily available, the ticket for entry is a little high. I mean yes there are cheap card board attachments but it's really not going to give you a solid marketplace that will give you high quality VR content.

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SeanScythe647d ago

Most of them have been out less than a year but yeah lets make a post about how it's a failed product. geez the stupid crap people write for clicks and hits.

GorillaTact645d ago

The site has all the markings of a shill website. Cheap layout, little content, and unknown amatuer staff. Not saying it is, but it looks like a typical shill site.

Apocalypse Shadow646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Article spent too much time explaining about what the products were and what systems you use them on.To be fair, it did mention the high cost of VR. But not:

**Why VR hasn't reach(ed) its potential and may never**

If I would have written this article, then I would have mentioned that technology needs to be improved to free up the user from excess cable usage, controls and movement that become part of the user like gloves and vests. Maybe even a suit. while still having buttons,prices needing to go down over time, and advertising increased as possible reasons that if not done, then VR may not reach its full potential and may never. But more *uummph* needs to be in the article.

Currently though, VR version one is awesome. I expected it to be after using mobile VR and cardboard. But upgrading to full VR is just so immersive. If the current trajectory holds, games and experiences will get better and better and VR will become part of everyday use when wanting to see things from your perspective. And not detached and through a 2D screen.

MoonConquistador646d ago

That's a nice critique of the article Apocalypse which sort of justifies my decision not to click on it. I'll bet your comments are of better use than the article too with good valid points and a bit of balance in the argument.

Just interested to know what's been your favourite VR experience so far.

Apocalypse Shadow646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Thanks moon.

Sports bar pool actually is the current favorite. While not perfect, once you get used to the controls, it's a fun game of pool. It represents my thoughts on VR games. It's random. I like and bought games that have more replay value.

Lethal, carnival, until dawn, bound, London heist gun gallery, danger ball. Anything that doesn't play the same way twice is what I like. I'm looking forward to the Star Trek bridge crew game with the random generated missions. I believe VR games with story are great. But, since it's new, each game should contain something that extends the replay ability.

Example. I want to buy "I expect you to die." But there's only four levels. Once you figure the puzzles out, you're done. But if they would have added a spy gadget testing area or shooting gallery, that would improve the value. It looks fun. But the cost of the game is a little high compared to the games length.

I bought and loved the Batman game. But the only area of random replay is the batarang target practice. To add replay, they should have added a sort of danger room like Xmen where you throw batarangs at enemy targets. Shoot your grappling hook to get into the rafters and throw batarangs below. Maybe even punch enemies that get closer to you. And watch them fly back. Use the scanner to identify enemies with bombs(joker bombs of course) to take them out first. If you get hit,game over.Something like that.

But, anything random is what I'm gravitating towards.

nonpracticingatheist646d ago

I completely agree with you apocalypse. Biggest issue with VR is cost of entry. I do 90% of my gaming in VR now. The difference is analogous to showing a person pictures of the grand canyon and actually going to the grand canyon.

The biggest issues I have besides cost (it really needs to get to below $250 imo) is the stupid segmentation of the software market between HTC and Oculus. There are some fantastic games and software that is only for HTC and some that are only for Oculus. This makes no sense to me. The success of VR will be dependent upon as many adopters as possible. If the experiences are purposefully divides like this, then some adopters will take a wait and see which one comes out on top approach.

It's hard to believe but fanboyism exists even in the world of VR. All supporters of VR should work together both manufacturers, and consumers to help push this technology because nothing has been this revolutionary in gaming since the move to 3d graphics.

Every person who has a HTC vive or an Oculus or even a PSVR reads every hater comment and just knows without a doubt that those trolling comments come from a user who never tried it. There is no doubt in every VR user's mind that the negative feedback about VR is 99.9% trolling from sour grapes. VR is just that amazing.

andrewsquall646d ago

Resident Evil VII says hi, no actually it says shut the hell up.

Summons75646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Those 30-degree camera movements you need to do every 2 seconds to realign the camera says differently.

hot4play646d ago

"Options" Menu says differently. Enjoy missing out!

Ron_Danger646d ago

It's so convenient when you can tell someone's trolling in the first few words of their comment.

eferreira646d ago

Shouldn't you be defending every switch article

mogwaii646d ago

Resident evil 7 says.....hang trying not to vomit.

Foxhound922646d ago

Must be hard to not have a VR system to actually play ha?

Obvious troll is obvious

subtenko646d ago

Go tell Aunt Rhody that gaminnnng journalism....gaming....journa lism....gaaaaammming...journali sssm is DEAD!

DFresh646d ago

Until we get to the level of Sword Art Online (anime) VR nerve gear then I'm not interested in VR.

MoonConquistador646d ago

Your closed mind is to your own detriment. Mine arrived from Amazon yesterday and I've only had a chance to try out Driveclub and Playroom VR and I had a smile on my face as wide as the VR visor.

Truly a stunning experience

mogwaii646d ago

That smile will quickly be removed from your face, You'll see.

DFresh645d ago

How am I close minded? I'm just not interested in VR until it gets to that level.

MoonConquistador645d ago

You just answered your own question DFresh

thorstein646d ago

Good news, we're already there. And, on the PSVR no less. Sweet for us, sad for the salty ones.

mogwaii646d ago

I got on the VR hype train and it was a fun albiet short ride, i had to get off at the next stop.
In a word: gimmick.
There is no doubt thata company like sony will drop this and move on.

thorstein646d ago

Whatever troll. We all already know you did not even try VR. It has been proven post after post as you show how little you actually know about it.

mogwaii646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Whatever moron.
I bought psvr at launch, had it up until a few weeks ago when i sold it as it was sitting under the coffee table with my gear vr.
Played the handful of short experiences it had and quickly got over it.
Its going the way of 3D, curved tv's and vita.
Just a gimmick for enthusiasts.

nonpracticingatheist646d ago

This seems like the typical person who tried on a google vr and thought that the $50 experience is indicative of what the $800 experience would be like. I have yet to meet someone who has tried an HTC Vive or an Oculus CV1 with touch and not be completely blown away. The games need to catch up and I hope that RE VII's huge success with VR will pave the way to show developers just how mainstream VR can be.

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