2007 vs. 2017's Games: Are These Decade Old Classics Beatable?

Twinfinite writes "2017 looks hot, but can it really trump one of gaming's best ever years?"

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gamerpop670d ago

2007 was a legend of a year. Assassin's Creed as well...

windblowsagain669d ago

The original Assassins creed was the best one.

UltraNova669d ago

In terms of 'the fresh new thing' yes. AC 2 was far more improved and a better game overall. It was downhill from then on.

Obelisk92669d ago

It had the best location and best story, but on the gameplay side it was pretty boring.

AC2 was way better and more enjoyable.

MRMagoo123669d ago

although black flag wasn't much of an assassins creed game I think it was the best one so far.

Inzo669d ago

The Ezio collection after that nothing to write home about, although I did enjoy Rogue but it would have been better were it not for the lack of horses in some of the wider open areas.

Tussin187669d ago

Everyone has there favorite. I really enjoyed 2, Brotherhood, and Black Flag. I really liked Brotherhood's combat with the way you could chain combos. Didn't play the whole trilogy because of time and fatigue so I don't know if those had the same system.

sullynathan669d ago

The original ass creed was pretty bad

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Sciurus_vulgaris670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

Why would these games, not be beatable?

2pacalypsenow670d ago

They mean as in quality, not if you can actually beat the game. 2007 was prob the best year in terms of games releases.

Princess_Pilfer669d ago

if by 2007 you mean 1997 then sure.

Gatsu669d ago

1997-1998 were legendary too. Many classic games released.

zcmilano670d ago

Pretty obvious if you read the post. In terms of which year was best ever - which is what 2017 is being portrayed as - nothing can beat 2007, imo

ziggurcat670d ago

I think the author means beatable in terms of the quality of games that came out that year, not whether games from 2007 can be finished today.

2pacalypsenow670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

2007 was one of the best years in gaming. COD4,Uncharted, Mass Effect, Halo 3, AC, Crysis, Mario Galaxy, Crackdown, Graw2, GOW2, Stalker, The Orange box etc...

UltraNova669d ago

Seeing them all listed > Dear lord...

Obelisk92669d ago

What a wonderful time was to be a gamer.

Paytaa669d ago

Some behemoths right there.

Movefasta1993669d ago (Edited 669d ago )

And Tools of destruction, SKATE, forza 2 , the witcher , guitar hero 3imo it was the best year

Segata669d ago (Edited 669d ago )

2017 has the potential to match or even best it with It. Gravity Rush 2,Zelda Botw,Mario Odyssey,Yakuza 0,Xenoblade 2,Persona 5,Nier Automata,ARMS,Splatoon 2,RE7,Bomberman R,Injustice 2,Marvel vs Capcom Infinite,Tales of Bersia,Double Dragon IV,Fire Emblem Warriors,Berserk,Silver Case Remake,Fire Emblem Echoes,Rime,Tekken 7,FFXII Zodiac Age,Shenmue III,Yooka Laylee,Cuphead,Divinity Original Sin II,Ever Oasis,Freedom Planet 2,Ni no Kuni II,Sonic Mania,Sonic 2017 and Ni-Oh

Featuring_Dante668d ago

wow so many shooters... and i thought people hated shooters.
2007 was the year of blurry awful textures.

2pacalypsenow668d ago

Blurry awful textures? It was the best there was in 2007 lol.

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basilboxer670d ago

I think 2017 is going to be remember as the best year in the past decade. Better than 2007? Possibly, if games don't get delayed.

669d ago
Yohshida669d ago (Edited 669d ago )

2017 aint even close.

Mass Effect
Halo 3
Assassins Creed

How is this beatable? Btw we all know Red Dead wont make 2017...

Amorist89669d ago

Oblivion was earlier, it was ported on PS3 in 2007 though.

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