Is Platinum Games Losing its Sheen?

After the cancellation of Scalebound, Platinum Games seems doomed to collapse. But can they find retribution on the horizon?

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Hendog1981648d ago

It's what happens when you stretch yourself too thin.

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_-EDMIX-_647d ago

Absolutely agreed even though I really like Platinum Games I always felt they were hit or miss don't get me wrong Bayonetta and Vanquish are amazing titles the same with wonderful 101 but anything other than that has always been very questionable by them and I believe they had a huge consistency problem.

I'm happy that Nier feels like one of those amazing top games by this team, but I also worry because to my understanding that games development was literally split from the team that was creating the specific story and RPG elements to platinumgames Joseph physically creating the gameplay so it definitely makes me wonder if their team is just drawn too thin.

Right now I'm literally questioning how Nier would have turned out if just Platinum Games was simply working on it and none of the staff from Square Enix

Maybe them simply focused on creating 1 aspect of that game is why it was able to turn out so well in terms of how it feels.

Even though it's pretty easy to blame Microsoft in regards to the cancellation of scalebound if you consider they could have simply put in another team to assist them through the development but at the end of the day they still also contracted this team to do something in the first place.

That's basically like getting mad at a team for struggling to build your kitchen yet paying more money to another team to help the other team to build your kitchen.

I mean the way I see it is Microsoft really shouldn't have to do that if they had a very clear and honest deal with Platinum Games for them to create something for them.

I worry about this company's future because of all the bad releases they've had in the past as of right now the last great game I even remember from this team is probably Bayonetta 2.

showtimefolks647d ago

I think they need to work on less projects and focus on better and more quality products

Gaming_Cousin647d ago

I wouldn't want to develop for a company that treats me harshly

shloobmm3647d ago

MS treated them like kings. Platinum simply but off more than they could chew. When MS approached Kamiya with those infinitely deep pockets and told Kamiya to make the game he always wanted to make Kamiya's eyes got big and then he wasn't able to maintain his end of the bargain.

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Majin-vegeta647d ago

@Barricade I member reading somewhere it was over a dispute of Microtrans.Apparently MS wanted them in but Kariya was against the idea.

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bluefox755647d ago

I don't buy that for a second, they thrive under Sony and Nintendo, and just so happens there's an issue under MS? Where there's a will (and money), there's a way. Something went wrong, and if I were a betting man, I'd wager it has more to do with MS.

tyasia0647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Platinum has worked with so many companies with out any problems. Only with Microsoft did they have a problem. And given Microsoft's track record it's safe to assume it was their fault.

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

We don't really know how Microsoft treated them and to be fair Microsoft has had a history of treating teams like crap if you actually look to see how many teams have been dysfunct with Microsoft.

At the end of the day I still feel with Microsoft owning the intellectual property and Microsoft actually funding the game they should have actually been able to even understand if this team was even capable of keeping up their end of the bargain especially if you consider how many years it was in development I actually still believe this intellectual property probably could have been saved if Microsoft simply brought in another team to assist them with their troubles that is not to say that it is Microsoft fault it's simply to say that they probably could have done a little more.

If the Last Guardian could be in development for 10 years and even have the director contracted by the end of its development I believe they probably could have did something with Scalebound.

I strongly believe both parties are likely to blame for something like this.

Clearly to varying degrees, but like somebody said because there's clearly going to be an NDA we may not really know who was really at fault but I'm not going to disregard Microsoft has a history of behavior like this.

ie Bungie

DarXyde646d ago

Defend your assertion.

Without factual sources, you're just speculating. Can we not?

XanderZane646d ago

There were rumors within both companies that Milestones were reached several times. That was just part of the reasons MS had to cancel the game. The game was delayed several times, so I can believe this.

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TomatoDragon647d ago

After playing through the Nier Automata demo numerous times...I'd say Platinum hasn't lost their touch at all. Can't really say they are losing it cause MS decided to cancel Scalebound.

ShottyatLaw647d ago

TMNT, Korra, and even Transformers aren't helping.

Big_Game_Hunters647d ago

Those games had less than a year development time. Even so, Transformers wasn't bad.

TomatoDragon647d ago

Metal Gear Rising, Vanquish, The Bayonettas, are helping.

ShottyatLaw647d ago

Exactly, hence why we're talking about them losing the luster they used to have from those prior games.

If licensed game mercenary work for Activision isnt enough, let's talk Star Fox Zero.

Segata647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Transformers is great. The other 2 is less than a year of development and Acitvision being a crap publisher (Tony Hawk 5 anyone?) SFZ is Miyamoto.

bluefox755647d ago

Making middle tier games, sometimes they're called AA games, isn't "losing their luster". They're tasked with making a lower budget game with a shorter development span, and generally the publisher will reduce the price tag to reflect this. I can't remember if it was done or not with those games, but even if it wasn't, it's not Platinum's fault.

ShottyatLaw647d ago

Sorry, but a top tier studio isn't stretched so far that they'll be anyone's hired gun, no matter the hit in quality. That's where we used to think P* was quickly heading to. Unfortunately they've put out a whole lot of 'meh' lately.

deafdani647d ago

SF zero is better than people give it credit for. Once you get used to the 2 screen gameplay (which has a bit of a learning curve to it), the game is pretty fun.

Not a masterpiece, but still a good game.

TomatoDragon647d ago

Sorry man, but a couple of cheap, quickly made titles based off of non-game related franchises isn't enough to shake my faith, and the Nier demo proves that.

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TomatoDragon647d ago

Go play the Nier demo, and get back to me.

ShottyatLaw647d ago

Played it. Looking good. Go play the games I talked about and get back to me.

rainslacker647d ago

I really like platinum myself. Not all their games are awesome, but they're usually not complete trash, and sometimes are excellent, with very few duds in their portfolio.

They can be hit or miss from one release to another, but I think this article is making something out of nothing.

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Fishy Fingers647d ago

'Doomed to collapse'.

Haha. Much drama... they expect people to read this s***?

343_Guilty_Spark647d ago

Depends on who they are working with.

never4get646d ago

True, Epic Games #EPICFAIL #UE4RETAREDSLOW #EPICCEOLOVESMOBILE. KH0.2 can't even run 1080p60 on PS4PRO.

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