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Omgmetalgear: Metal Gear Solid 4: The Anti-Hype Review

Dylan of Gamepro Writes: "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was released on June 12th, a little over three months ago. Within a week of its release, reviews flooded the net. Now that it's been out for a quarter of a year and the initial hype has died down, we bring you the official OMG Metal Gear review." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) -

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HighDefinition  +   2537d ago
"As a whole, Metal Gear Solid 4 is nothing short of remarkable. You've heard people call it the best Metal Gear Solid game yet and the best game on the Playstation 3, and these are both true."
gaffyh  +   2537d ago
You are made of Truth^
potenquatro  +   2537d ago
it is the best mgs. Maybe the best sp ps3 games, but mgo sucks compared to warhawck or cod4 or ut3 imho.
Downtown boogey  +   2537d ago
Looks like the reviewer only played the game once or twice and just posted this review later than all the others just to stand out. It would make more sense if he had played it like five or more times (I played it through seven times; best BB run clocking at 2:34:02 ;) ) and then give his opinion with emphasize on the lasting value of the title.
Stubacca  +   2537d ago
I'm STILL in awe of it.
Seriously guys, I just can't get over how good Metal Gear Solid 4 is. I find myself not buying the same volume of games since I jumped into it the night it came out. I never honestly expected so much. It was a welcome counter to the disappointment I felt with GTAIV's clear limitations.

Metal Gear Online is still up there with Warhawk, COD4 and UT3 (I only play UT3 for the funky mods). It completes the package and makes the game not only a masterpeice, but also the greatest game currently available for next gen consoles!

Will anything surpass it..?
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arika  +   2537d ago
is there a game that would surpass mgs4's accomplishments?
when i played mgs4 on my first playthrough.... i just can't put the d-pad down i just can't stop as if my life depended on it. i didn't want to do anything else, i even got some days off just to finish the game. when i finally did, i felt sad because i don't want it to end.
not because the ending was sad but because it is probably the best gaming experience i have ever had and i don't want to be parted from it and i told myself can there be a game that would surpass mgs4?
then the answer to my question was revealed when they showed a gameplay of heavy rain, white knight story and of resistance 2 and now i got my interest back.
at this time it's impossible to surpass what mgs4 have accomplished, but to be just on the same level of quality and excellence would be enough, until mgs5 comes out...
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vickers500  +   2537d ago
Best MGS game, but not best game on the ps3.
Megatron08  +   2537d ago
a review that tries to act like its unbaised by posting it months later. yet its being writen by a HUGE fanboy. Anyone that isnt a fanboy can easily see the game for the trash that it is.
Overr8ed  +   2537d ago
No doubt the best SP game I played. But the MP could have been a lot better if they used the PSN's system.
zeisscollector  +   2536d ago
The first thing I did after finishing the game (and watching the 2 some hours of documentary that came with the LE **worth every red cent BTW**) was pop the disk back in and play it again. I have never done that with any game.
ape007  +   2536d ago
mgs 4,my final cut...!!!!SPOILERS!!!!
was one of the best games this gen,but in my honest opinion

as a whole package,mgs 3 was better

my problems with mgs 4 is after act1 and 2(awesome,awesome acts) act 3,4 and 5,truly guys was like watching and listening to codec more than playing

act 3,you got to follow the resistance member,which is very nice but I expected much better,and then find big mama after that,the amazing chase scenes,the boos fight after was solid but no way mgs standards,after that 50 minute cutscene that connected to another 40 minutes mission briefing,THE ACT ENDS?? WTF I WATCHED 3 HOURS CUTSCENES AND ONLY PLAYED FOR 50 MINUTES,DAMN

act4,the return to shadow mosses was awesome....the first 5 minutes (wow amazing graphics and snow effects)and then it was a disappointment,sm feels empty and has some stupid and annoying little things,then head for the north door....wait big codec talk,then head to the elevator..you just walk a little to hal's office and....cutscene where you enter that code,and then a gekko appears in front of you,then return to the north door,wait for mk2 to open it,another cool gekko fight,after that,the crying wolf fight,which is a BIG disappointment,it was like a chore finding her,it was just awful imo,vamp's fight was a BIG let down too,it feels like fighting an enemy,you just inject hhim and that's it,and then raiden comes and fight vamp as you shoot like 25 gekkos to stop them from being exploded and it was dumb,,the ending when ride metal gear rex and escape/fight ocelot was fantastic,the cutscenes follows was one of the best cutscenes I've ever seen

act 5 was full emotion,passion and cutscenes,more than actually playing,in the beginning,you kill those guards and gekkos to enter the door safely ,after that you have to do that unnecessary fight before the boos,the sico mantis like boss fight was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT you just have to shoot the doll and just use it ONCE,I thought you'll have to use it 4 times,in each time,the boss change his psychic attacks....whatever

after that you play for just 3 minutes(when snake enter those damn microwaves)and watch for 1.5 hour

the final boss battle was AMAZING,one of the best endings in videogames history

what I like more about mgs3,that it's much longer,has much better cutscene/gameplay ratio and the boss fights in mgs3 are MUCH better than mgs4,you remember THE END..

for me mgs 4 was like 9.5..9.6 but no way a 10.
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likedamaster  +   2536d ago
You're right...
..but only on the PS3. Don't bring it to the xbox, it will not be the best. If any game rode the hype train it was MGS4! Wow, what slow dialogue and sooo many cutscenes! Sad really because I like stealth/action shooters. Won't be looking forward to any more MGS games. Where's Sam Fisher when you need him?!!
dro  +   2537d ago


one of the best boss fights ever, i never tought this is how i was gonna finish him!!!!!
thor  +   2537d ago
Best bit in the game. That's what made the game for me. LMAO
Blackmoses  +   2537d ago
that 7:25 mark did it for me! When I heard that solo guitar playing...I was through....
Best Game ever, point blank period!!!

INehalemEXI  +   2537d ago
Halochampian  +   2537d ago
@ 2.2
uhh... Guitar solo?!? Yea... if you would like to call it that.

But really that wasn't much of a solo at all.
DaTruth  +   2537d ago
Snake Eater!!!
When that came on I tripped. Still haven't unlocked that. I have no words to describe this game.
Ozzyb  +   2537d ago
He said "Solo guitar" not "Guitar solo" lol
But yea, I think I actually lost the first time on that fight subconsciously. I KNEW it was the end and if I beat him, it would be all over.. I just couldn't give it my all.. I actually forced myself to try the second time. Easily the best game ever.. with the best story ever.. with the best ending ever. If they never made another MGS (which part of me hopes they do and part of me hopes they don't) I would be happy with this masterpiece. I just don't know how they would top it, and depending on Kojima's involvement, they may never surpass MGS4.
Fishy Fingers  +   2537d ago
3 months... how time flies, I remember the seemingly never ending wait.

Such an amazing game though (first play through especially) haven't played it for a while though, have to get back on that (trophies please?), but all in all completed it about 15 times I think, that's got to show something specials in there.
shelbygt33  +   2537d ago
I haven't beat it yet - only a little bit into the second Act. It is a game i keep coming back to, though. That's more than I can say for a lot of other games I own.
TheColbertinator  +   2537d ago
I'm still playing Metal Gear Online.They finally fixed the host problems and its my favorite ultra realistic tactical shooter this gen along with GRAW 2.Great fun and the MGO shop is neat as well.
TheColbertinator  +   2537d ago
Some disagreed with my opinion? I don't believe I said anything wrong
Final_Rpg  +   2537d ago
I like it a lot, but the problem is I bought a copy outside my region so I lag worse than anything and it ruins the experience for me.
Freezingduck  +   2537d ago
LOL average score: 9.6, average user score: 9.6
Average Xbox360 games this year: flop
Stubacca  +   2537d ago
Still waiting for something better to come along. Doubt anything will. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is simply the best game out there to buy.
Daver  +   2537d ago
I never followed the Metal gear solid serie (i only play a little on ps1)
but i must say that MGS4 is one of the best game i have ever played.
Everything was great, the story is amazing even it can be a little complicated, i understood it i think, maybe not the same way as someone who followed all the games but i had a good comprehension of it and it was awesome
Mr Marbles  +   2537d ago
Its sad cuz
this game was the best the PS3 hoped to offer, and it turned out to be nothing remarkable in sales, a rather boring slow game for those who didn't already worship it before it came out, and it faded away way too quick for a game at its level of hype. PS3 didn't even get much of a boost from it.

Not likely anything coming to PS3 will outsell this game, and it didn't sell nearly what fans expected, so in a since you could say Sony shot its load and now its pretty much done for PS3. I Expect nothing amazing from that console for a while.
she00win99  +   2537d ago
you are clearly a retard...
Daver  +   2537d ago
loll what are you talking about... MGS4 was suppose to be for the hardcore fans and it sold around 3 millions i think, so its not that bad.
Btw every games that is release fade away fast, the hype can be big before the release date but when its release, its release and then gamers look for other titles to come while enjoying the one they just bought
juuken  +   2537d ago
The cries of a jealous bot.
Final_Rpg  +   2537d ago
I'm sorry pal, I can accept opinions most of the time. But what you are saying is ridiculous. If there is any game that has lived up to or surpassed its hype it has to be MGS4. It's better than any other game hands down of this gen and perhaps any gen hands down. Nothing on the ps3 or 360 comes close to it.

Please stop letting your fanboyism cloud your judgment. Denying MGS4 its title of greatness is like denying a King the throne. Maybe the game didn't sell as many copies as halo. It just proves that not all consumers can recognize quality, even when it hits them right in the face. MGS4 is clearly past you as a gamer, you don't deserve to play it. And on that note, I doubt you've ever even laid hands on the game. So that gives you even less reason to judge. This game is perfection, not a thing you can say or anyone else is going to change that.
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Snake Raiser  +   2537d ago
Slow sails? It sold 5 million. (more than half of what halo 3 sold) in 3 months. Halo 3 has been out for a year.
bunbun777  +   2537d ago
Are you high Al Gore?
Seriously- you don't expect anything amazing from this console in a while? See you in '09 beeyatch.


I'm sure these will all suck and not sell more than 5 million, right Al Gore?

i've seen you botz try to discredit 3 of those 4 games....but can any of you touch GoW3? Anyone?
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b777conehead  +   2537d ago
AL gore. halo 3 was the one game that sell ed by hype. you x bots had so much hype you bought halo 3 without of checking it out. the game was not next gen. its was something the original x box could do. to me the original halo looked and played better.if more x bots had took the time to check how overrated halo 3 was it wouldn't have sold as many copy's has it has.mgs4 on the other hand sold as a quality game not hype.it is full next gen .and the game is so improved from mgs1 mgs2 mgs3 i have totally enjoyed playing the game. i enjoy the cut seines but if you do not you can skip those.so AL do your self a favor buy a ps3 with mgs4 and you will be impresses
karlostomy  +   2537d ago
All you people didnt read Marbles comment
He said the GAME WAS GREAT

but the sales are disappointing!

And it's true. This is the best game ever on the ps3.
It should have sold much more.

After June the sales fell away to nothing.

Not hating, just saying....
Narutone66  +   2537d ago
Loose some marbles?
You're the one who didn't read his comment. Looks like a rant of an Xbox fan jealous of MGS4 game.
eliasg  +   2536d ago
so true mate...
juuken  +   2536d ago
...I think 2.8 is pretty much out of his mind because MGS4 sold a ton of bundles and sold around 4 million copies. I also think that 2.8 and number 2 is jealous of possibly the greatest game of all time.
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azmanmanz  +   2537d ago
yea.. still love my msg4 so much
Michael Jackson  +   2537d ago
I feel so lucky to be living in a time wherein games like this exist.
A real labor of love by Mr. Kojima and co.
A once in a lifetime experience.
A Master Piece Solid.
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BoneMagnus  +   2537d ago
MGS4 has ruined other games for me.
I recently finished my first play through, and then I bought Mercs 2.

Long story short - I traded traded in Mercs 2 for credit having owned it less than a week.

It is like comparing a Ruths Chris filet to a school lunch hamburger.

I now want an "experience". I don't just want a videogame.
DARK WITNESS  +   2537d ago
i know what you mean....

i feel sorry for a lot of these games that should have been out last year, delay , delay , delay .. no its not always good. especially when your game ends up coming out after a game like MGS4.

The quality of that games just makes most others look bad. it feels strange, but i almost feel like some of the games have regressed, not progressed from what we were playing when these consoles launched.

i would have picked up merck 2, but i just played the demo.. it already looked and felt old.

Mgs4, regardless of who you support, you can't deny it is an amazing game. specially the first play through.
Final_Rpg  +   2537d ago
I know what you mean. It's hard to appreciate most other games out there because of how high above them MGS stands for me. It always makes me question "well if MGS managed it why can't they?".

It's bitter sweet. But I don't regret playing MGS4 at all. If anything it will influence games to go for ambitions that they previously would have thought impossible. And I think i benefited from the experience by being able to separate the OK from the incredible.
rockleex  +   2537d ago
MGS4 is exactly the reason why so many people are hyped up for Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain will be a story intensive video game that goes BEYOND porn... ^_^

People say Heavy Rain is QTE... that's not true, its a context sensitive game that just happens to display buttons on the screen.

Madden displays buttons on the screen when the QB has to decide which receiver to throw to, but no one ever called that QTE.

Heavy Rain, taking porn to the next level!
Ozzyb  +   2537d ago
I agree..
MGS4 might have ruined many, MANY games for me. I've never before played a game and thought "What will I play after this, that can even come close to this?". It's like the best game you've ever played, mixed with the best movie you've ever seen with story-telling that makes both other games and movies seem inferior. I've played games for 20 years, and I really don't know if anything will do what MGS4 did.
badz149  +   2537d ago
maybe I didn't play as much games as many of you here but MGS4 is simply the best in my opinion and I'm one of those who never played any MGS games before! it offers the experience I've never seen before in any game and the story and gameplay suck players into it from every angle! I never thought playing dead on the ground doing nothing but camo to hide from enemies would be so fun! I've always thought that only run and gun or run and slash are fun but MGS4 really changed me regarding that matter! DAMN...I'm spoiled!!!
-_-  +   2537d ago
[[Poor Xbots,missing out on a classic]]
BLUR111  +   2537d ago
lol yea lol... on November 7th I don't think that anyone will care about mgs4
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BLuKhaos  +   2537d ago
Resistance 2 comes out on the 4th not the 7th.
UnwanteDreamz  +   2537d ago
MGS4 is badas$
The last MGS game I played before this one was on the PS1. I have to say that this was everything I could have hoped for. MGO is IMO one of the most tactical online action games ever. If you think this is overhyped then you haven't played it. Those who say they could not play it because the cutscenes were too long must not know that you can skip them. I am no fanboy as I've said I missed 2 or three in the franchise this game is no joke and if you think the PS3 wont have a better game well thats just the stupidest thing I have ever heard. When did RE4 come out in the PS2s lifespan? How about GOW2? I could go on and on but it would not matter. Oh yeah the 360 does not suck but their fanboys do.
ViRaL-  +   2537d ago
Best Game
For me Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game i've ever played ever. Followed by San Andreas and Metal Gear Solid 1
random6789012345  +   2537d ago
Is a really good game sweet online some of the cut scenes are a little ling but i think thats what makes the game so good almsot like your playing a movie as well, ive played the serious even on game boy lol cant get enough
juuken  +   2537d ago
Best game I have ever played.
Have to get back to it though.
WINZLOW  +   2537d ago
anyone know a cheat for the..
50cal sniper rifle???
MAGNUM-RAM  +   2537d ago
Best in genre !
I still play mgo religously.
its the best in the genre & mgs4 has more than 1 genre.
it attacks : stealth, first person shooter, platformer, action adventure, RPG, &
3rd person shooter.

Oh & you can fight too!
ha ha this game is huge!
I still haven't defeated big boss mode. This game stays in the collection.
KiddyBrownTurd  +   2537d ago
PS3's one and only game.

Let me know when it gets another.
bunbun777  +   2537d ago
Breaking news!
M$ just got a new exclusive.....

1968 Tunnel Rats
hfaze  +   2537d ago
A truly compelling story, a truly amazing game...
MGS4 is one of those rare games where during the wait for the game to release, I didn't mind the delays at all. It was one of those games that I would rather see pulled off perfect instead of having it sooner.

While MGS4 may not be everyone's cup of tea, I can honestly say that any PS3 owner needs to at least rent this game.

Off topic: Personally, I would LOVE to see Konami/Kojima re-make MGS 1, 2, & 3 in the MGS4 engine. Whether through DLC, or disc-based releases. The MGS4 engine was a VERY impressive piece of software that I would love to see more done with...
pixelsword  +   2537d ago
Wow! I didn't expect a review like that...
...from a game site named omgmetalgear.com!

Anyways, regardless of that fact,probably the best game I've played in years, if not one of the top ten games of all time.
schmeidenkamp  +   2537d ago
For an anti-hype review-
That pretty much looks like any other review from the time of release...hmm. Anyways totally agree, I shat a brick the first time I popped that disc in.
Nathan2587  +   2537d ago
MGS4 is great but.............
The analogy Im gonna use is movies.

There might be more enternaining games than MGS4 on just the gameplay but the overall package is unsurpassed.

Its kinda of like watching Toy Story saying its a very entertaining.

Then you watch something like No Country for Old Men understanding its a better movie but just not as entertaining as Iron Man or Transformers even though it is the better movie.

But I guess MGS4 is more like The Dark Knight if anything =)
So I guess that throws my theory out the window.
DaTruth  +   2537d ago
And I don't mean this gen. I mean that this game could come out on PS4 and still be awesome. This game is ahead of it's time. It ruined other games.
DaTruth  +   2537d ago
On another note...
Did you read the comments on that site. Bunch of Bots frontin' like the game isn't good. I could never have an allegiance to a system so bad that I could pretend that this game isn't the best. I can't believe they can still pretend, It outclasses every XBOX game, It outclasses every game.
AnttiApina  +   2537d ago
In my opinion
MGS 1 still is the best game for me. So much to do and so deep characters. MGS 4 is the third best MGS in my opinion.
DoctorXpro  +   2537d ago
off topic
Anyone knows wats this "Metal Gear Existence"

#25 (Edited 2537d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
eagles1990  +   2537d ago
I think I know what it is but I can't say anything due to agreeing to a NDA.

Let me just say it's different and fanboys will be angry
Ozzyb  +   2537d ago
If you in fact really do know what it is... Fanboys of what will be angry? Sony, MS, or MGS?
GameForFame  +   2537d ago
@ eagles1990

when you say "if I think I know what this is" then it makes it seem like you don't, so how the hell have you already agreed to a NDA? Sounds like bullsh*t to me.
NonApplicable  +   2537d ago
Cliff Blezinski is a fool. How could he call MGS4 "passive". Yes, gears is a good game and franchise. There is no compition however between MGS. Everyone knows who tops it. When the Cliff Blezinski speaks like mule, it shows how much of a aggrogant prick he really is.
clearelite  +   2537d ago
This game
Is in the top 10 greatest games of all time, IMO. Obviously there were dozens of games that were fantastic in their day. But, MGS4 is just so great that it's hard to acknowledge some previous accomplishments sometimes.
bigjclassic  +   2537d ago
memory lane. MGS 4 is a work of art that very few developers can achieve. I loved every moment of that game. Very well done and my 2nd favorite game this gen. (SMG 1st FTW)
ape007   2536d ago | Spam
lewis  +   2537d ago
was and is the best.
Allowen  +   2537d ago
I will not come into much details but I got to say I did not like MGS4 either , it is for me a 6.5/10 game with a crazy and a never seen boring exagerated to hell story.

At least to save this year for my PS3 a lot of cool games are coming this fall.
GameForFame  +   2537d ago
Have you played any of the previous MGS games? I've heard people saying the same thing...cept they just jumped right into this game. Maybe you didn't...but I felt bad for the people that played this one first and didn't like it. Not their fault...well, wait, yeah it is. I guess I'll assume the way you worded that statement you've played the previous ones?
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