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Dead Space Trophy List

41 Trophies in total : 33 bronze, 4 silver, 3 gold, and a platinum.

Click the jump to get the entire breakdown! (Dead Space, PS3)

UNCyrus  +   2419d ago
The more I look into the game the more excited about it I am...
Rick Astley  +   2419d ago
Yep. Now it's most definitely a day one purchase.
Ben1054  +   2419d ago
Who are
Ps3trophies.com and where are they getting all this info from,
over the last 2 days they have release trophy infro for quite a few games
AssassinHD  +   2419d ago
Actually ps3trophies.co.uk reported this news, not ps3trophies.org.
breakdancefight  +   2419d ago
I am with you, with added trophy support I am in. Although I was from the word go, but since the addition of trophies I will getting the PS3 version. I own both, but for my third person games give me the dual shock any day.
Beg For Mercy  +   2419d ago
gettin this game on ps3 now
badz149  +   2419d ago
I thought it was just me but any game looks more 'tempting' with trophies enabled! no wonder the 360 boys buy a lot of games for 360 where achievements are in each and every game available!

but I must resist!...must...not...be...a. ..trophy...whore!
littlenuthead  +   2419d ago
to late for me 115 and counting
xhairs9  +   2419d ago
That's sad. Sell-out.
AssassinHD  +   2419d ago
I bet "One Gun" is going to be fun to get. I am very excited about this game.
Sevir04  +   2419d ago
YES!!!!!! This Game was one my radar since it was announced but now it just makes it that much more tempting
this is exactly what i want to see, developers announcing PS3 trophies the same way they announce xbox achievements... awesoem news and a sure shock purchase for me... october 14th
Harry190  +   2419d ago
Some easy bronze trophies for completing a chapter. Really nice.
Hellsvacancy  +   2419d ago
"Dismember 500 Limbs" Thats GGGGRRRRREEEAT
Lookin 4ward to this - Thank god i got a new job 2day - day1 purchase 4me
BlazeXXL  +   2419d ago
omg nice
Love the trophies, remind me of the ones in Uncharted. Even without trophies this game was a first day buy, but with trophies I look forward to it even more.

BTW, if you're interested in the game, go check out the preview and new gameplay clips on gametrailers. It's amazing.
VMAN_01  +   2419d ago
Well apart from the first 12 trophies the others look interesting.
UnwanteDreamz  +   2419d ago
I was gonna pick this one up already but the trophies are a nice perk. I am no trophy whore and trophy support will never factor into my game purchases but it is nice to see it supported on a game a really want. Dead space is gonna be good if you like the way it's looking you gotta check out their websites great content IMO.
dirtrider  +   2419d ago
you mean another game with trophy support! how many games is up to now, 4 with trophy support? way to be on the ball sony....
jtucker78  +   2419d ago
I must admit trophies do add to the appeal of a game.
But I was going to get this game anyway. I think it looks sweet.

Getting the trophies will be like collecting the cheats was on Goldeneye N64. That was one of my favourite parts of the game.
Invincibility on Facility 00 Agent. Happy days!
UNCyrus  +   2419d ago
2:13 seconds.... it was Impossible!!! you had to guess which side the agent was on... and when you got it wrong.... /restart
tocrazed4you  +   2419d ago
EA does something right to gain my respect again.
aggh im on fire  +   2419d ago
Nice to see Trophey support. Lets hope other developers take note.
now ps3 users will see why 360 owners buy so many games.
Chubear  +   2419d ago
Now that's what I call a Trophy list
Not making PS3 gamers do some ridiculously impossible crap.

I'm also very glad the developers put in trophies cause had they not I probably would have stayed away a bit. Not a big trophy collector but if I feel developers are jippin the PS3 fanbase on features then I just won't support them period until they do.
IAm1Bearcat  +   2419d ago
oh my oh my oh my oh my! I cannot wait for this game! trophies or no trophies, i was getting this on PS3, but now? This has always been a day 1 purchase for me and some of these trophies look wicked awesome!
Silogon  +   2398d ago
Don't burn me at the stake, but doesn't the xbox 360 version have like 60 acheivments? I don't know for sure, this is what I heard over at Gamefaqs, but does anyone know for sure or not? To me, it seems a little slanted if true. EA being their typical selves.

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