Dead Space Trophy List

41 Trophies in total : 33 bronze, 4 silver, 3 gold, and a platinum.

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UNCyrus3371d ago

The more I look into the game the more excited about it I am...

Rick Astley3371d ago

Yep. Now it's most definitely a day one purchase.

Ben10543371d ago and where are they getting all this info from,
over the last 2 days they have release trophy infro for quite a few games

AssassinHD3371d ago

Actually reported this news, not

breakdancefight3370d ago

I am with you, with added trophy support I am in. Although I was from the word go, but since the addition of trophies I will getting the PS3 version. I own both, but for my third person games give me the dual shock any day.

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Beg For Mercy3371d ago

gettin this game on ps3 now

badz1493371d ago

I thought it was just me but any game looks more 'tempting' with trophies enabled! no wonder the 360 boys buy a lot of games for 360 where achievements are in each and every game available!

but I must resist! ..trophy...whore!

littlenuthead3371d ago

to late for me 115 and counting

AssassinHD3371d ago

I bet "One Gun" is going to be fun to get. I am very excited about this game.

Sevir043371d ago

this is exactly what i want to see, developers announcing PS3 trophies the same way they announce xbox achievements... awesoem news and a sure shock purchase for me... october 14th

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The story is too old to be commented.