2009's Ghostbusters Game Has Disappeared from Steam

Terminal Reality's 2009 Ghostbusters: The Video Game is no longer available for purchase on Steam. Presumably due to a loss of license.

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Fishy Fingers308d ago

Seem they could remove the 2016 game from people's memory at the same time...

C-H-E-F308d ago

there was a 2016 game? hmm interesting.

Jon_Targaryen308d ago

Not really, watch the AJ Ghostbusters review...

XbladeTeddy308d ago

Aren't things you made when you had the licence to an IP yours legally to sell after the licence expires when it comes to media?

neoandrew308d ago

Well no, depends on the license agreement. And for this kind of deals it is almost every time that you need to have the license active to be able to sell the product that is using the franchise.

XbladeTeddy308d ago

OK, I sort of understand. Thanks for reply.

Jon_Targaryen308d ago

Glad I bought it on the Winter sale then,

81BX308d ago

Excellent game! Well written

Featuring_Dante308d ago

bbbut digital is the future.

Cobra951308d ago

Digital is the PRESENT. This game is out there in the wild. If it is no longer sold, there is no way to hurt anyone's bottom line anymore.

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