New Resistance 2 screens.

Taken from the new trailer, Enjoy!

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krackchap3739d ago

Holy Sh*t, looks awesome.

dro3738d ago

yes it is in game,just how mgs4 cutscence were all in game.. ;D

badz1493738d ago

like I really want it NOW! I have no doubt in Insomniac and Resistance 2 CE will be mine this coming November! damn, it's still september?

FantasyStar3738d ago

Next-gen hasn't arrived. Because this is the gen we live in.

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arika3739d ago

isn't it november 4 yet? man i need a time machine. i need to play this game now!

LagBox3603738d ago

Only for the Playstation 3 and not the LagBox 360. :-)

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3738d ago


Same garbage,different names

AngryBot3738d ago

Resistance 2, triple A title, coming this november.

Be afraid xbots. Be very afraid!

This November Resistance 2 is set to destroy gays in war 1.5, the crap60s final hope.

theKiller3738d ago

because i cant have it right now!!!

all this love to ps3 owners!!

should i bring 360 love to the bots?? nahh they have enough of it

ConanOBrien3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

15 something million people DO glorify about IT
21 something million people DON'T CRY over IT
30 something million people DON'T even CARE bout IT
100 something million people DON'T even NEED IT.. Resistance WHAT???

Yap yap, it's only possible in the world of PS3! *claps* ... but not for the rest of the world. IT HURTS & SAD to be THE LEAST.

Among those 15 million droids they will disagree with me --------->

Freezingduck3738d ago

Sounds like failed Xbot with failed console


You guys need to stop owning yourselves

The millions and millions of PS3 fans agreeing with me ===>

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Panthers3738d ago

WOW that dude is ripped in half and his guts are going everywhere. This game is so much gorier (sp?) than the last one. Now that is quality entertainment.

micro_invader3738d ago

Yeah, wow. I thought that was a bit unexpected.

Kolemar3738d ago

Wow.... just wow..
Hope the gameplay lives up to the amazing gfx.

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The story is too old to be commented.