Nioh: Team Ninja Took Admirable Path In Ninja Gaiden Return

Team Ninja has come out of the woods with a roaring return in Nioh, and their admirable rebranding should in time give way to the return of Ninja Gaiden.

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PhoenixUp614d ago

I hope we can get a new Ninja Gaiden title that can actually continue off the quality of Ninja Gaiden 2/Sigma 2

0Day614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

Agreed, Ninja Gaiden 2 was my favorite of the series. Not a souls fan, so I'm afraid I won't enjoy Ni-oh.

Andreas-Sword614d ago

I am also a Ninja Gaiden fan. But I also love Nioh. And I think Nioh is one of the best Team Ninja games ever.
I hope Team Ninja develop in the next years Ninja Gaiden 4 and Nioh 2.

starchild614d ago

Even though I absolutely love Nioh and the SoulsBorne games I was a Ninja Gaiden fan even before that, so I definitely want to see that series come back.

Paytaa614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

Only played Ninja Gaiden Black, but man was that game tough. Oh so good though. Hopefully an actual return to Ninja Gaiden happens someday. NG3 looked pretty bad tbh.

Godmars290614d ago

Thing is, as much as its fans will disagree, the Ninja Gaiden series was always flawed. Hampered by some technical issues, which it's former dev blamed on players who complained, at the very least.

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zombiewombie614d ago

One thing is for sure, this game isn't going to sell well. Every bestbuy in a 250 mile radius around me only recieved about 1-4 copies and they were all preorders. I could not pick one up anywhere. Amazon is completely out aswell. This is ridiculous!

UCForce614d ago

Ninja Gaiden combines Demon Souls into Nioh. I'm loving it.

Gaming4Life1981614d ago

Team ninja ruined ninja gaiden with part 3 so if nioh helps them get back on track with ninja gaiden then im all for it. I am waiting for a new ninja gaiden but i really hope its like 1 & 2 and has nothing in common with part 3.

Melankolis614d ago

I once said that Team Ninja became Team Chicken because they can't stand the pressure to make a new Ninja Gaiden.
I take it back....
But i still need proof....i want to see their next project is a new Ninja Gaiden game not Ni-Oh 2 after this...

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