New White Knight Story screenshots has posted 10 new screenshots of Level-5's Playstation 3-exclusive JRPG, White Knight Story. The game will hit the shelves on December 25 in Japan.

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krackchap3657d ago

looks good. should sell like crazy in japan.

AAACE53657d ago

I was afraid that WKS was going to be like the Dark Cloud games. I'm glad to see it will be more than that, and will is almost guaranteed to push console sales!

Homicide3656d ago

I don't know. No level 5 game has sold over half a million in Japan, with the exception of Dragon Quest of course. The game looks amazing. I want new gameplay footage.

Lou-Cipher3657d ago

Is this game called White Knight Story or White Knight Chronicle?

It has been called both by many different people.

AngryBot3657d ago

AND SO IT BEGINS! The end is near for the crap60.

RPG King PS3.

White knight story = white knight chronicles.

White knight story used to be its name, they changed it into "Chronicles" because they decided to make a trilogy rather than one game.

juuken3657d ago

I think it's White Knight Chronicles now.
And DAAAAAAAMN, the game looks hot so far!

theKiller3657d ago

the graphics looks on par with FF13,vs13! i hope they make a good story too, but seeing they made a trilogy it means it have a good story!
now remains the gameplay, i hope they deliver in that too!! if all goes well expect the first AAA RPG game this gen

jams_shop3657d ago

looks way better than few months ago

Raoh3657d ago

i wish it were out sooner in the U.S. but with so many games out this holiday i can wait for the localization..

part of what grabbed me when my friend showed me this game was the way level-5 described the game in scale similar to that of Shadow of the Colossus.

can't wait.. christmas arrives on time in japan

Jamegohanssj53657d ago

Next year is just another years filled with games.


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The story is too old to be commented.