Videogamer: Rock Band Review

Videogamer writes: "After the bad press MTV and Harmonix's band game received over its combined £180 price tag there can't be many people who aren't aware of Rock Band, but in time for the European release on PlayStation 3 EA announced a price cut to the costly instrument collection. Whereas the game and instruments set cost Xbox 360 owners £180 on its launch in May, PS3 gamers can now walk into a store and hand over £30 less for the whole set. It might not push the game into cheap territory, but it's a lot better than the bank busting £180 price tag from just a few months ago. With that in mind and the fact that you'll be able to use all the instruments in Rock Band 2 when it launches in Europe, we can't recommend Rock Band enough.

Just in case you've been living under a rock and don't know how Rock Band works we'll summarise. As the name suggests the game allows you to play as a Rock Band, not just as a guitarist as in the hugely popular Guitar Hero series. This includes a guy on drums, someone on lead guitar, someone on bass guitar (only one guitar is included in the instrument pack) and a vocalist on the microphone. If you've got the right amount of people you have a band, even if it's faker than the designer shirts sold at the local market."

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