CSM: The Price is Right Review

CSM Writes:

"However, while the look and feel of the The Price Is Right is just about pitch perfect, the game itself doesn't really follow the same path as that of the show. The multi-player mode takes some noticeable liberties with the traditional Price Is Right formula, such as letting all players play pricing games regardless of whether or not they win on contestants' row. If you play alone you can enter a mode that more closely approximates the flow of the show, but, as it turns out, that can be a little boring (you may never even make it out of contestants' row). Better to select the Three Strikes mode, which bounces the player around from pricing games to showcase showdowns and back again until they've failed three times, at which point its game over and all of their winnings are tallied up."

"But the biggest departure from the show is that there is no Bob Barker. Or even Drew Carrey. A nameless, faceless host leads players through the game by speaking instructions. Much of the show's personality is lost as a result. Some authenticity is restored during prize descriptions and the showcase competitions, which feature the actual Price Is Right prize models."

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