GayGamer Review: The Last Guy

GayGamer writes: "Seeing real life locations used in games can be an odd experience. All it takes is for one small nuance to be just a bit off and experience can crumble. A misplaced street sign or a renamed store is all it takes to remind you that you're playing game. Sony's The Last Guy uses what has to be one of the most unique approaches attempting to circumvent this by using high resolution satellite imagery to generate each level. From San Francisco to Tokyo and everywhere between, the level layouts are the cities themselves. Taking place after a strange purple ray from space has struck earth, a series of strange zombies monsters have popped up everywhere. As the United Rescue Force attempts evacuate people from the cities, it's up to the player as The Last Guy to round as many people up as possible and lead them to the closest Escape Zone."

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InMyOpinion3592d ago

Why does that headline make me laugh so much? =)