New Battlefield 2 1.50 Patch News

EA has finally posted some information about the impending 1.50 patch/update for BF2.

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im in,lets play.the game cod4 wishes it was.BAD COMPANY is the BEST online shooter EVER.PLAY B3YOND waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay B3YOND!!!

AnttiApina3592d ago

BF:BC is a great game, but not as great as BF 2.

mariusmal3592d ago

stopped playing this 2 years ago. got tired that the devs never nerfed the diving/shooting while in the air technique.

ThanatosDMC3592d ago

Is that the instant headshot with the PKM??? I hated that...

docsavage3592d ago

BFBC is a good game but playing on the Xbox just isn't as much fun as BF2 on the PC. Now if they released it on PC... damn you EA.

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