G4TV: Resistance 2 Preview

G4TV writes: "Insomniac gives the latest news about the upcoming Chimeran invasion with a preview of their highly anticipated FPS sequel, Resistance 2.

Showcasing the title's massive 60-player max multiplayer action, a new "Skirmish" objective mode is introduced where different squads are assigned several tasks (defend a point, go to base, etc) while fragging in the battlefield. Resistance 2 also supports an awesome "Berzerk" ability in which players unlock special abilities during combat.

One of Insonmiac's main focus for this title is its community feature, which looks very, very promising. And that's not even counting the promising campaign mode supporting an eight-player online co-op."

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lnfinite3593d ago

Thank you Insomniac for providing us with Exclusive Blockbuster Games that turn the Xbots Green with Envy

SmokingMonkey3593d ago

bots will show up in R2 beta news and says sh!t like, "R2 beta is stoopid, i'm going to play Gaers2 which will sell more"

you know why there is no Gaers2 beta?

A: Because it's the same game!

(my boss played Gaers2 at a convention and said "it's just more of the same" LOL enjoy 5 on 5 bots us droids will be enjoying 30 on 30 or 5 on 5 if we want those "tight" battles you all love so much.

juuken3593d ago

Speak no more, they're here. -__-

celestialninja3593d ago

Looks like things are shaping up nice. Was not sure if that guy was ever gonna be quite.

Creepa at GameManx3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Yo son who else thinks the multiplayer for R2 will be on thatg cod4 level or beter. Is there in custom music and trophies in this one? btw Add ya boy on PSN IMJ87

sonarus3593d ago

Insomniac has been singing this 60p multiplayer 8p coop and singleplayer experience for a while now. For almost a yr infact. In every interview they always make sure to mention that. I wish they had something new to talk about cus its getting old

Time_Is_On_My_Side3593d ago

Lol, you're sick of hearing about the multiplayer?

To me that's just too funny because with every developer there will always be that one thing they always mention. Gears of War 2 chainsaws, Halo 3 finishing the fight, Killzone 2 theatre of war, or Little Big Planet Create, Share, Play.

Figboy3593d ago

quit being so goddamned negative all the time.

it's call PR, and even if they weren't just doing their PR job, not EVERYBODY has watched or read EVERY video interview/preview of Resistance 2, or ANY game for that matter, and therefore, the company would like to be able to inform those people who didn't catch the last bazillion previews with the proper information.

tell me, what if this was the very first Resistance 2 video you had ever seen, because you didn't really dig the first one, so you've been ignoring news of the sequel, but a friend or something harassed you to check it out, so you came across this G4 video (or ANY of the Resistance 2 interviews/previews).

wouldn't you want the video to include as much information as it could pertaining to the game.

imagine if a first time Resistance 2 inquiry had seen this video, and they didn't mention the 8 player co-op, or the 60 players online, or the class system, or the rival squads, or even the fun and unique weapons Insomniac is known for, but people not familiar with Insomniac or Resistance wouldn't know that. i mean, THAT stuff is the MEAT of the game. the hook, the SELL. without those unique and intriguing factors, Resistance 2 would be just another shooter.

PR HAS to repeat a lot when doing these things, because they can't just trust that potential consumers have seen and read all of the previous coverage of the game. it's simply good PR and business sense. i mean, businesses don't air a commercial once. they air the same commercial over, and over, and OVER again, to maximize exposure.

i'm not saying you're wrong to be tired of hearing the same thing, because that's well within your rights to, but i don't see the point in complaining about something like this, when it's standard practice for ANY industry, not just the gaming industry.

out of all the games that do this repetitive song and dance, why was Resistance 2 THE ONE to push you over the edge?

sonarus3593d ago

lol its not about being negative its sbout hearing the same 3 features over and over again. give us a sneak peak at coop mode, show some more new weapons. show SOMETHING NEW cus o am tired of the same ol 60pmp 8p coop and sp.

Also from beta players, i heard the beta kind of sucks. I would still like to play myself but 3 ppl have told me its worse than R1. If true would suck...heard coop in beta is great though

Figboy3593d ago

but they'll get there eventually.

the game has another month and a half before release, and Tokyo Game Show is coming up.

i'm sure they'll reveal more info there.

it's their jobs to do the same song and dance at every opportunity. trust me, i bet they're just as tired as repeating themselves as we are of hearing it.

can you imagine how many times this guy had to go through this in that ONE DAY? since reporter after reporter after reporter asks them the same damn questions over and over and over again?

no wonder the guy looks exhausted. lol.

anyway, i didn't mean to come off as antagonistic, because i understand your sentiments exactly, it's just kind of expected considering how much gaming coverage is out there these days (hell, i remember when Gamepro, EGM, and Next Generation were pretty much the ONLY sources for gaming news, and you had to wait a month to hear anything. now, we have literally HUNDREDS of gaming sites out there, all repeating the same story. ahh, the wonders of the internet).

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SmokingMonkey3593d ago

already signed up for mine

said "this will def get you into the beta when it starts"

gave me some chubb LOL

sonarus3593d ago

I preordered mine today...i shall go to the store tomorrow to pre order LBP for kratos code and maybe they might have R2 code...if not i'll just use qore

Shaka2K63593d ago

R2 easily wins GOTY.

60 players online
8 co-op
300 foot tall monsters.

R2 the most advanced FPS in the history of gaming, only possible with the exclusive power of the Cell and Blu-ray only found on Sony PS3.

SmokingMonkey3593d ago

great time to own a PS3 especially with KILLZONE2 and inFamous just around the corner AND TEAMICO in the future

ThatCanadianGuy3593d ago

omg..inFAMOUS i forgot about that.It is just around the corner ..after sweet,sweet killzone 2.Ahh..2009 is going to be one hell of a year for gamers!

Freezingduck3593d ago

That's a tad better than LOL 4vs4

Torch3593d ago


"...Resistance 2 is by far, the biggest game we've ever made...BY FAR..."

Coming from Insomniac, that is a statement of monstrous proportions. So far, this company has each and every time put their money where their mouth is by delivering in spades.

(I've got goose pimples as I anticipate the arrival of November 4th!) XD

joydestroy3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

i know man! i'm stoked!


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