Five games with phenomenal soundtracks

Gameplay, graphics, controls, longevity and multiplayer tend to be the most common factors people bring up when talking about video games; yet, soundtracks and sound design are often glossed over. It’s understandable; after all, sound is more embedded in the background of the experience, subtly complementing the gameplay, art and visuals. Sound may seem like a small piece of the gaming puzzle, but it’s not: it’s integral. It can be the difference between a good game and a great game. If a soundtrack is too distracting, it can draw the player out of the experience; if it doesn’t fit the tone of the game, it can make an otherwise intense experience seem goofy; if it’s too stripped back, it can make a game seem empty. Just try playing a 3D platformer without the music – it can make even the most vibrant and colourful worlds seem dismal. Luckily, most developers bring their A-game when it comes to sound design, despite getting little credit for it. Well, credit where it’s due: here are five games with great soundtracks.

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-Foxtrot553d ago

Streets of Rage 2

That is all

ZombieKiller553d ago

Tony Hawk FOR SURE! Especially THPS2

Metal Gear
God of War
...and of course GTA to name a few more!

hongthay553d ago

The only 2 games I strictly bought for their soundtrack are the Rocketbirds games. Both 1 and 2. I heard the main song playing for Rocketbirds, and loved the song, bought the game.