New Baja Screenshots: Enviroment

The theme for tonight's screenshots is environment. With racing games, the environment that the player is immersed in is sometimes not given much thought besides that of the track. In a game like Baja: Edge of Control, that's not an option - as in many cases there isn't a defined track. The racers make their own way either by the carved out trails and highways, or through the back country, and this presented a unique challenge. The environment then had to be uniquely detailed and sculpted to resemble what one would encounter in the California peninsula.

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badz1493617d ago

although it's already late to the off road party, it's interesting to see how it will perform! first PURE and then this! I know a lot of PS3 owners prefer Motorstorm!

Kyur4ThePain3617d ago

Isn't Baja based more on realism than the arcady fun style of MS?
I don't think you can really compare the two.

Blademask3617d ago

But you know people will try to throw this at motorstorm as well, and end up failing like Pure.

Not because the games are bad, but because its the "IF IM NOT ON THE PS3 THEN I HAVE TO BE BETTER IN SOME WAY" mentality that the media has. So it will be compared.

As if ps3 owners aren't able to enjoy both Motorstorm2 and the crap multiplats.

Sorry, thats my personal opinion. Multiplats stalled out mid year, they all have that same level of polish.

3617d ago
DARKTRINITYxxx3616d ago

Well Blademask not all PS3 owners think like that. I for one enjoyed the pure demo and have it on preorder aswell as motorstorm 2. Will be getting both as day one buys. So yeah i kinda agree with you but this is one person who can except a decent off road racer that hasent got motorstorm in the title.