FIFA on Switch will be FIFA 18, possible September launch

EA's Peter Moore comments on Nintendo's new console and the custom built FIFA heading there later this year.

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Neonridr255d ago

well that is at least a positive, that it isn't based off of some older version.

italkgame254d ago

Oh no no that's not what Moore was saying. what he said is it will be a custom build Fifa, which will be (named) Fifa 18.

PS Vita owners might realize what that means. Moore's deflective answer, at least to me, is indicative of exactly that which all where fearing it would be.
Please let me be wrong

The 10th Rider254d ago

Honestly, that's more likely than anything else. Hopefully, though, Nintendo recognizes how important FIFA is in the European market and is teaming with EA to get a full fledged version that makes full use of the Switch's capabilities.

Neonridr254d ago

I just meant the fact that it isn't going to be Fifa 17 rehashed. At least it will be the current version. Even if it is a custom game, at least it is up to date.

italkgame254d ago

@Neonridr below

I truly fear it might still be an older version of Fifa that's is being used as a base for the custom build Fifa 18 heading to the switch.

"We also asked whether FIFA for Nintendo Switch would be a slimmed down version of the game we're getting on PS4 and Xbox One, closer to the old-gen versions still being made for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Moore answered: "What you have will be a custom built version for the Nintendo Switch from the FIFA development team in Vancouver."

The EA Vancouver team was responsible for the Fifa PS Vita versions, which were based on old versions. First came Fifa Football and than the year after EA had the Vancouver team put out a re-skined version of Fifa Football with roster updates.

Wallstreet37254d ago

Smh as long as ppl have been following game politics and dont remember lol Wiiu was also labeled similar and was nowhere like the other versions. This "custom" bs phrase is basically them focusing it around last gen, not using current gen engine and passing it off as new. It will not use the same engine as ps4/xbox version. The Wiiu did the same thing.

Derceto254d ago

Nice vague wording. "Custom built" FIFA. Oh boy.

Featuring_Dante254d ago

the devil is in the details.

254d ago
EddieNX 254d ago

Suppose we wait and see. Ill buy if It offers portable FIFA for sure.

andrewsquall254d ago

But will it be the last PS3 and 360 version of FIFA with FIFA 18 stats and makeup on?

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