CVG: Can you really rocket jump?

CVG writes: "We take a lot of things for granted in games. Such as guns that leave nothing but skeletons when they hit the enemy, or that you can hack a computer by playing a simple puzzle game. But no more. PC Gamer wanted to find out how far science was being abused for the sake of our entertainment, and the job fell to me to discover the truth.

Questions were asked. I've probed, supposed, tested, tweaked, investigated, analysed and, the most important part of this punishing process, typed things into the deepest scientific resource of our time: YouTube. That's where the real world is. That's where the videos of robots are. Prepare to be edutained..."

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badz1493593d ago

except with a special setting!

SeNiLe9113592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I can rocket jump in Halo 3 no problem. Done it on The Pit.

Rocket jumping
In-game example: Halo 3

Verdict: PASS

Edit: OK, I FAIL!

I just read more of the article and they are taking real life not in game. I think they should have tested it to positively given it a FAIL.

REALZILLA3592d ago

Going to let out my inner geek. When Iron Hide did it in the Transformers movie, it was a awesome. I wish there were a game that took all the testosterone fill late 80's and early 90's, throw some Matrix style action and a healthy portion of Punisher and give a little less true physics. Some over the top shizzle. That would be great....

Sitdown3592d ago

jumping is just has not been perfected. If explosions can cause you to fly backwards, then it is just a matter of controlling the explosion and channeling it to prosper places while not destroying your equipment. If Bullet time does not exist...then we need to get rid of being in the zone in basketball, and NFL quarterbacks saying that the game slows down for them. I think the big think about bullet time is not only seeing what is coming at you..but an increased ability to understand the movement of your opponents. I also wonder if it depends on the weapon...because I was watching the show Future Weapons the other day..and you can easily see rubber bullets coming toward you.