I'm A PC And I'm Kinda Scared: The Latest Microsoft Ad

GameXtract writes "Well Microsoft recently canceled the Jerry Seinfeld ads, and well frankly I'm not surprised. It had everyone stroking their beards about what the hell Microsoft was trying to get across. Now Microsoft is taking a more direct approach showing how the world uses computers to get about their daily lives. It's also attacking back at Apple's Mac Vs PC commercials, but in a more mature way. The most recent ad that aired tonight show is titled "I'm a PC". My favorite part of the video is when the diver in the cage has a sign reading "I'm a PC, And I'm Kinda Scared" as a shark passes by. A bit ironic, and comical in many ways. Get the full ad after the jump!"

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lnfinite3590d ago

Poor Xbots,yet Another Flop Ad for their Consumption

BLUR1113589d ago

no. pooooor DROIDS thinking N4G is the best game news site. that spends their parents money on blu ray movies and no games while depending their lives with microsoft and XBOX articles.

3589d ago
-_-3590d ago

[[That was so bad,did they hire a monkey to do the ads]]

lnfinite3590d ago

This is great,I love seeing a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation go Down in Flames

Flopbox3590d ago

They used Bill Flakes again,and the ad is still garbage

Flopbox3590d ago

The ad is still g-g-g-g-g-garbage