Resident Evil 7: Biohazard vs. Outlast, Who did it Better?

Which is better, Outlast or Resident Evil 7: Biohazard?

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2pacalypsenow676d ago

Outlast was a much more scary game

naruga676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

that s a new bottom for the RE series ....a Resi game is compared to Outlast instead of being the master of survival horror genre , unique and comparable only with its predecessors as it was before ...even RE6 had a unique feeling ( being clearly a Resi game at its core) much this damn series transformed (to the worst)?

led1090676d ago

Outlast is one of the scariest games of this generation. Being compared to it should be thought of as a complement. Resident Evil has always fallen in the action horror segment, where guns are the only defense against evil is the only formula that has defined it for so many years. But Amnesia and Outlast have clearly inspired a different league of games, and RE7 is the first step towards ascending to the top of that league

sullynathan676d ago

Yes Resident Evil 6 is a resident evil game at its core purely because it has 3rd person. What an idiot.

naruga676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

@^^ you dont understand smthign here....these games (outlast , amnesia ,ALien) may be their own league and may be loved by many though a Resi game trying to mimic these games STOPS being a Resi game and the whole try appears ridiculous......guns along with TPS action are crucial game machanics in the series in order to un-stress you with exhilarating splatter combat and TP camera for attaching you emotionally with your character .....but what i m explaining to you ...its pointless wiht your hyped by media stance

Adrian_v01676d ago

Un-stressing the player and survival horror doesn't go hand in hand. If you wanna feel un-stressed then go play Animal Crossing.

WelcomeToTheFamily676d ago

How about learning some grammar.

naruga676d ago

@Welcometothefamily about to f#$% off

Gaming_Cousin676d ago

naruga is traumatized from the RE7 release

Shinox676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

naruga .. what's with unstable disagrees number in your comment .. this isn't the first time i notice that but you are clearly targeted by someone , this is beyond out of control and N4G mods should look into the source behind all these disagress

OH RIGHT i remember now .. what else can you expect who will do all this ಠ_ಠ .. hmmmmm .. OH that's right people .. ITS HIM .. AGAIN ,, its WelcomeToTheFamily in his flesh by himself behind all this crazyness
( AKA : evilresident1997 )

NukaCola676d ago

Resident Evil VII is a different game. Outlast is scary hide-n-seek. RE7 takes horror from many mediums from Japanese Horror, Evil Dead, Saw, Texas Chainsaw and much more. There are so much diversity in this game that it is insane to dump on it's first person perspective. RE7 was a phenomenal game.

Kakashi Hatake676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

People compare them out if ignorance. The only similarities is that they're first person, that's it. Resident Evil 6 sucked ass, 7 is the best game since 4. Stop judging the first person view and actually play the game.

UCForce675d ago

How about learn to understand and respect ? Your comments are way too immature.

I-wear-clothes675d ago

@naruga Quick question have you played resident evil 7 yet? And if you have what makes you think it's not a good resi game?

khalkruger675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

im not gonna be narrow minded and try to suggest what the essence of a resident evil game is like yourself, but to assert " crucial mechanics" of the series are guns and 3rd person camera is simply ridiculous. Dunno what you know of the first few games but guns are hardly even a factor if you play in keeping with the other mechanics. the hd remake of the original is such a fantastic representation of this, you are discouraged from killing zombies because their is a chance they will come back as crimson heads. i will accept the essence of what makes a resident evil game a resident evil game is different for each player, but whats clear is that the last few resident evil games has opened the ip to a new customer base, this new customer base is detached from the old base, with different preferences that do not reflect the classic resident evil gameplay. you can see this in the sales figures, resi7 has sold far less copies than resi6 had this far into its launch, which is a shame really seeing as resi7 is easily the superior game. i guess the new customer base need flashy shooty bang bang to enjoy the series, sad for them becuase they are missing out on the best resi game since 4.

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darren_poolies676d ago

Honestly I didn't find Outlast scary past the first hour. RE7 is a much better game imo.

TeamIcoFan676d ago

@Adrian_v01 Hey now, don't hate on the animal crossing series, they're good games. :(

pyroado676d ago

No it wasnt. Outlast is probably the most repetitive game played. Very overrated resident evil 7 and marguerret was enough to convince me which one was scarier

TheLEGENDofTydo675d ago

Resident Evil 7 was much like Outlast but I don't think they wanted to go as heavy as Outlast did. Outlast was an Indie game and wasn't targeted at a large audience like Re7 so they went balls to the wall. The game when as far to have frontal nude males. I believe Re7 went as far towards Outlast that they felt comfortable with. They still had to make the game appeal to a large audience and because it really was an experiment of a game they couldn't go too far. They have the potential to go more balls to the wall Outlast style now that Re7 is a success.

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SeanScythe676d ago

Outlast was a scary version of hide and seek. With death being the outcome if found. Biohazard did much better with blending survival horror. I hated that in outlast you wouldn't fight back, I mean hell put down the camera and pick up a pipe.

_-EDMIX-_675d ago

Agreed, I like both games but Outlast leaves you basically 100% vulnerable

The director of Resident Evil 7 even made a point to saying that they played Outlast but they clearly did not like that you were basically defenseless.

I'm not even sure how they could be compared when one game doesn't even allow you to fight back.

I believe in the concept of one being scarier over the other , sure not being able to fight back is definitely much more scary

korea09675d ago

Well maybe that why Outlast was so popular. If you could fight back it would've been another jumpscare action game

Omeganex9999674d ago

This, FFS! I don't like being powerless in those games. It's fun for the first 30 minutes, then it gets boring. I want to kill monsters, not just hide. I can already hide and cry in real life!

CrimsonWing69676d ago

Man, RE7 hands down! Outlast I liked but nowhere near as much as I've enjoyed RE7.

bluefox755676d ago

Outlast was scary for the first half hour, then it was just hide and seek. RE7 was definitely a more intriguing premise. I really wanted to know what was going on in RE7 more than Outlast, both fantastic experiences though. Really looking forward to Outlast 2.

TXIDarkAvenger676d ago

I'm gonna have to side with Outlast.

I think not being able to fight back causes some very tense and scary situations. In RE7, I kind of felt a bit more safe with a gun knowing that I could fight back or run. For the record, I'm not saying future RE titles should drop using weapons, they should continue doing their own thing. Both great horror games and I'm looking forward to Outlast 2.

Omeganex9999674d ago

Yeah, but isn't it repetitive to keep hiding? I don't know, maybe it's because I played it in VR, but the fact that I could fight back didn't make it any less tense/scary for me.

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