Stargate Worlds studio faces cash flow issues

Massively: Get ready for some dubious corporate drama. We were contacted by a tipster claiming to be a Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment employee. He or she alleged, among other things, that CME/Firesky is in critical financial condition -- that it has accrued a large debt, that massive layoffs are planned, and that the future of Stargate Worlds might be in jeopardy. Knowing full well that potentially-scorned anonymous employees are rarely a wholly reliable source, we contacted the company and provided them an opportunity to comment.

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whatis3588d ago

They should just take whatever money they have left and put it towards giving us another season of Stargate Atlantis. :@

vitz33588d ago

NOOOO!!!! I need my Stargate fix since Atlantis got canned.

jerethdagryphon3588d ago

dont worry i dont think its a serious as it sounds

i have a feeling that some of the investers are the sg actors

*preps a needle of naquadah* this should help your stargate fix

jerethdagryphon3588d ago

chaynne entertaimnet arnt making atalntis they have nothing to do with it
and sg worlds looks cool