Mass Effect possibly going to the big screen, hot alien action unconfirmed

Mass Effect" has started its journey to the big screen. Numerous sources have confirmed that producer Avi Arad has optioned the rights to Bioware's sci-fi RPG from the developer's parent publisher Electronic Arts.

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AhmeenMachine3593d ago

Mass Effect is one of my top five games, and to see it turn into a movie so soon just makes me hurl. It makes me wonder if EA is trying to actually sell good games, or if they're just trying to make money.

NinjaRyu3593d ago

they're just trying to make money!!!! When it's EA it's always about the money!

RememberThe3573592d ago

It just has to be done well. Mass Effect already had an amazing story, they just have to capture the way ME felt when you played. It can be done and it can be done well, they just need to do it right.

lnfinite3593d ago

Might pick it up when it comes out on Blu Ray,depends on whether or not Bioware makes a Smart Decision in the near Future

BlackRaven853593d ago

What is that suppose to mean?

KBDuB3592d ago

He is saying, that by the smart move, BioWare will keep Mass Effect exclusive to the 360.

Cause, we all know that the PS3 HATE Mass Effect.. That's common knowledge, just like how we all know TwoChin(juuken) is really a man.

DJ3593d ago

Now THAT would be tight. But Halo needs to come out first. =/

Greysturm3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I am playing it right now and although the main story is decent, the game is pretty much what bioware did on kotor only with an action driven combat engine (that in my opinion needs a little tweaking since combat is too fast to care about the cover system and besides biotic/ force the physics impulses are dissapointing and it gets repetitive pretty fast since you dont feel much change after the first levels).

For the movie theyll remove all the sidequests (which 90% suck especialy the mako involved), add a little more fluff to the characters (cut some of them) and probably take the hero route with a male character named john.

P4KY B3592d ago

Try putting the difficulty up a little. You wont last long without using the cover.

A good tip is to set your 360 to default games to their hardest settings. You'll enjoy your games more when you feel like your trying harder.

i_like_ff73593d ago

Fox News will have a field day...

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The story is too old to be commented.