360 Best Selling In Japan? Media Create Says No

In the world of console sales, a thousand unit discrepancy here or there isn't really a big deal. But when the Xbox 360 makes headlines for being the best selling console in Japan for the week, those numbers matter. While Famitsu publisher Enterbrain calls Microsoft the winner for the week of September 8 to 14, alternative sales source Media Create sees it differently. It puts the Wii ahead of the 360 by about 1500 units.

- Nintendo DS - 63,859
- PSP - 30,156
- Wii - 29,686
- Xbox 360 - 28,188
- PlayStation 3 - 8,053
- PlayStation 2 - 7,669

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Omegasyde3589d ago

Oh noes'... hopefully some Wii fanboys come out of extinction. PS3 fanboys should hit the bench for this one.


UNCyrus3589d ago

of course Wii is winning... who's played Mario Kart online and gotten dominated by a Japanese 10 year old?

Kyur4ThePain3589d ago

Mm. 40-something moms don't have time to make posts on the internet.

qface643589d ago

i had no idea i was a 40 year old mom wow i was confused for so many years i happen to like my wii very much although i don't consider myself a fanboy im a fan but of games not the consoles i guess uh well i dunno?

Fernando Rocker3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

This is a pro PS3 site. Wii fanboys don't come to this site.

But there is definitely more Nintendo fanboys in all the other sites: Joystiq, Kotaku, Destructoid, VG Chartz forums, Destructoid, etc...

This site doesn't even cover any original news, is just a copy/paste from other sites. Did you know that N4G is actually banned from the majority of websites, and all because the bad reputation of the blind fanboys in this site.

zo6_lover273589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Dang it -.-

I feel stupid

Fernando Rocker3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )


I mean this site, N4G, in response to Omegasyde and Kyur4ThePain.

Enigma_20993589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

... all I'm gonna say is... try some parmesean cheese and garlic on your popcorn... heaven....

... I take that back...


You mean a console... that buys up all the JRPG devs for the sole purpose of preventing your console from getting them... one of the more popular types of games in that region, right? You were gonna add that, right?

Because it sure as hell doesn't mean it's selling because it's a better system, not by a longshot...

@Fernando Rocker:

Pro PS3 site? What the hell are you reading?!?!?

bootsielon3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

People hate you at Joystiq, so nobody cares about what you have to say about them or claim about any other website. Anyway, is it really true that Joystiq *Still* hosts Nintendo fanboys? I thought former Nintendo fans died like I did when the real specs of the Wii and its buttonless controller was revealed (I have a Wii, because sadly it is the only console that provides "gamercizing" but it's still garbage compared to 360 let alone PS3).

Back in the day, I used to be a Joystiq fan but then I realized it is run by a bunch of retards and fanboys (just like Kotaku), and their employees are fanboys, Vladimir Cole worked for Microsoft and he banned anyone that *dared* speaking against the almighty Microsoft, just like Ken Weeks was the biggest fanboy of the site (thankfully he got fired but it was too late, I got over AOL's garbage when I found N4G and Nintendo died).

Anyway, Nintendo fanboys are dead, at least the hardcore gaming Nintendo fanboys. The only ones left are the new casuals that love the Wii because they think it is next-gen and the retards that never got over Nintendo. Who cares if the Wii is selling if the experience is piss poor save for Wii Sports which actually makes your biceps grow strong and Wii Fit which actually makes you sweat.

Games like zelda belong on PS3, not the Wii.


I have a Wii, PS3, 360, PSP, DS and I just ran Crysis on my PC two days ago. You have fun without the most compelling experiences this gen though, with the RROD and DVD9 making your 360 useless somewhere between now and next year and the last-gen experiences on the Wii with no trophies or online gaming at all it sure must be fun.

Fernando Rocker3589d ago

Keep with your wishful thinking...

In the meantime, I will enjoy my Wii and 360. Is a lot better library than the PS3.

BulletToothtony3589d ago

you actually have been banned from joystiq before.. they let you back on cause you produce so many hits to their websites, you're just a tool to websites, your ignorance it's some of the worst I've seen.

Ironically enough you talk bad about n4g but yet here you are trolling, because that's all you know how to do.

I remember from a year ago when you said you want the ps3 to fail, and that you weren't kidding.

It's sad that you hate a console so much... is it the price??

Just go back to joystiq where people actually feel good about the stupidities you come up with against the ps3.. they don't like the wii either there, they just like that you hate the ps3.

And i don't know what you mean with banning n4g from other websites since kotaku and joystiq and all those blog sites come here to read the news and then add a twist of their own.

All these sites that hate the ps3 are coming to an end.. just like gamespot, now 1up, even gametrailers are struggling now.

Even the people who hated the ps3 so much are buying them now, why? cause of the great games.. of course you don't see any good games cause you blindly hate the ps3, but eventually when it hits $200 you're gonna buy one and you know it.

Omegasyde3589d ago

You do understand there were alot of diehard SEGA dreamcast/Saturn fans. Sony stomped them twice and was a helping hand in crushing their future console extensions. Ironically most of them don't know that Microsoft also helped bring down Sega.

Perhaps he is still bitter? I don't know how people can hate a Company that much well unless your a PETA member but I don't see Sony using any fur or animal skins to make the PS3.

TheColbertinator3589d ago


I was one of those.I was angry with Sony because they had killed a company that worked only for the gamer.They just made games and consoles.Sony on the other hand was a heartless company like Microsoft that just wanted to drive Nintendo and SEGA out of business and take credit for their hard work.

I dont hate Microsoft or Sony.I just dont like them and I dont care whether they stay or leave.But I dont want to see Nintendo die just like how SEGA died because gamers are the one who lose the most.As a Sega fanboy for all my life,its hard to cope with the changes.Hopefully people understand that.


Just ignore them.

nieto3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

fernando since when the Wii has better games than the ps3? are you crazy? or just a fanboy? because fanboys are the only ones that say that their console are the best when in realty it's a piece of crap. in this case the Wii. lol ;-D


but the ps3 it's getting more games so in some more month it's going to be


BTW if this site it's so pro sony and you don't like it then you could go wherever you want, no one will care, that's for sure...
mmm and man this site is user generated, so if you want more news about that crappy console (Wii) that you like so much then find the news yourself and put them here. ;-p

Gam713588d ago


"Pro PS3 site? What the hell are you reading?!?!? "

the articles and comments on this site.
He's right. You don't see it because you probably agree with most of the ps fans comments but its there.

potenquatro3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

My lack of bubles are proof not everybody agrees with me, but i really feel it's because i don't suck Sony's co<k. So, I do agree this site is overwhelmingly pro Sony. But since I don't suck any co<k at all including MS's, I can see how Fernando comes up as a fanboy. And I also agree that MS helped bring SEGA down and I'm a fan so, I don't accept any sh!t from Sony or MS.

on topic: I'm so glad ps3 is selling better in america, and xbox is selling better in asia. It's not good to have markets so marginalised. Next thing you know, great japaneese consoles and games don't make it over seas and viceversa. Like the old days. We don't want to go back to those days.

dantesparda3588d ago

To Fernando, are you crazy? ALL videogame websites on the internet are full of nothing but fanboys, not just this one, PERIOD! and there are 360 fanboys everywhere you look, I think what you dont like about N4G is that you think it has more Sony fanboys, and that's what bothers you. Now get your head out of your a$$, and see the light

@ Potenquatro, that's funny cuz all my bubbles being lost are due to 360 fanboys (and guess what!? Im a 360 owner!).

Enigma_20993588d ago

The last time someone put me on the spot like this, I came up with SEVERAL links... if you have some to share, I'm willing to take a look.

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Silogon3589d ago

Who cares? If it was 2 million, that'd be something. Even a million or hell, 100,000 but it isn't, wasn't and never will be. This will pass. the sales for this week will sump lower 15,000 and then after that 10,000 and then finally back to 1 to 2000 a week. This did nothing for them and it's a shame cos Sony is thinking the same thing and in turn not thinking about us.

I wish there was an extreme amount of pressure on Sony again. Pressure to preform. Now, the way it is, they can sit back and screw us all over cos they're the brand leader by name sake.

No matter what console sales more this week or next week, Sony knows they will no doubt come out ahead when it matters most and that sucks for all of us who need/want content right now.

Omegasyde3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Sony has pressure. But first it has to become profitable. Price cuts may be good for the consumer, but if a company went from losing $100 to $200 every console it would be madness.

The only way sony would drop the price this holiday is it there was a great attachment rate with each ps3 sold to recoup profit of the games.

i.e. Every "new" Ps3 buyer would have to buy atleast 3 Sony-published games...
Ex: PS3 + RE2 + LBP + Socom

Edit: Hence bundles are really profitable. Since it takes what about 2 dollars to put the image on the blu-ray disc?

theKiller3589d ago

sony knows they own this holidays with their AAA titles, so they dont feel pressure right now, so no price cut! but personally i think the price cut will do better after the holiday season! like in Feb-March!

when there is a lot of content and a lot of games then there is a price cut people goes mad over that console, while 360 always making price cuts with FLOP games so thats why they dont progress

Flopbox3589d ago

Poor Xbots,so lonely at the bottom

BigBaehr3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Just imagine...a price-cut Killzone 2 bundle in February. Damn, now that would be sexy.

Fox013589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Sure, just wait. Wait you'll see. Wait till this/that comes out etc...

You guys had to wait almost 2 yrs to get Dualshock 3, you're still waiting to get XBL, Achievements, custom soundtracks, Home... wow the list could go on forever.

"Yeah, just you wait, one day we'll have a 360."

MAiKU3589d ago

I agree. There should at least be some kind of bundle out there or an offer to really kick in the consumer. Like a voucher for a 20 dollar free cash in the psn wallet y'know? Free psn games already on the system or something of the nature.

Next would be a firmware update that enables a ps3 to actually be B/C.

Either way, i think they took a blow in some sort of way during the economic crisis so i doubt they'd have the resources for something like a system price cut.

KBDuB3588d ago

Yo, where you at Canadianguy420? Why aint you gonna jump all over Big Baehr for saying "Just imagine...a price-cut Killzone 2 bundle in February. Damn, now that would be sexy." Like you did too me, eh?

Lol. =)

bosels113588d ago

siliCUM, ur an A$$ - Sony isnt screwing anybody [email protected]!!!!!

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chidj23589d ago

awww all it was just an illusion

TANOD3589d ago

PS3 15k ,Wii 40k and X360 3k

Breakfast3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

How bad of a console are you, when you get outsold 3-1 by an Japan none the less.

buhbuhbuh....The Cell (trademark)!


TANOD3589d ago

and X360 WILL BE AT 3K

Breakfast3589d ago go WAIT somewhere else.


ChanDangle3589d ago

OMG the 360 outsold everything in Japan for a week! Hell is about to freeze over. Let's see if they can actually keep it up for months.

bootsielon3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

That's some good trolling gold (not to say comedy gold). Hey did you see the new resistance trailer? It was obviously pre-rendered. Even Ted Price said it XD


Who the f*** took my bubble? F*** YOU, I am the only rational person on this website (well, TANOD and Breakfast too), I am the savior of this website, GET THE F¨¨¨OUTTA HERE. Give me my bubbles back, mods.

¿Pretty Please?

Well pirate thom, juuken, morganfell and mk_red are awesome too. But nobody is better that Breakfast (Unless you include me though).

PirateThom3589d ago

"Next Generation is all about the now...."

"Next" implies future, "next generation" can't possibly be "now", physics won't allow it.

Breakfast3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

'Next Generation' will now be called 'This Generation'. It will only include the Wii and the Xbox 360.

And the ps3 will form a new will be entitled:

WAIT Generation

In which you will have to wait for everything, from the small; rumble controllers, to the grand; Home and Killzone 2.


thebudgetgamer3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

when you say wait do you mean like when you have to send you failbox to get repaired
btw hows Alan wait coming along

Omegasyde3589d ago

Speaking of waiting,

The worse type of waiting is for your 360 to come back from the Microsoft after experiencing RROD. I guess Xbox users have to have patience too. Atleast Ps3 users can play games while "waiting" for new ones to come out.

Damn man, you use to have witty comments...

SaiyanFury3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

OK so the 360 has a good week. People are using this as a major comparison? The 360 sold well when Tales of Vesperia launched. But it will subside. The 360 has also seen a spike in sales in lieu of other JRPGs released, but it rapidly went back to the bottom of the pile. In the end, the PS3 will win the HD war. I say that differently than the Wii since the Wii has a different audience. People may disagree with me, but the RPGs are on the way to PS3 as well as other Japanese properties.

Montrealien3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

This is the longest lasting, (Next Generation) I have ever seen. At this rate we will still be in the (Next Gen) by the time we start talking about the (Next Gen). lol

Enjoy the now, it`s a saying that is as old as time.

on topic, the PLaystation brand is still the clear victor imho, but 360`s piece of the pie is impressive none the least. For Japan anyways.

Gam713588d ago

I think alan wake was to show us 360 owners what its like having a ps3.
you know constant delays

but then again remedy never promised it as a release day game like say mgs4. In fact they said its ready when its ready so it hasn't been delayed yet.

Oh rrod comments.

Ok here's a comment while some 360 owners are waiting to have their 260s returned promtly you ps fans are having to pay for your repairs and hoping the next update doesn't brick it.

See works both ways.

this is about you ps owners saying it would never beat the ps3. It has a few times now. Yet when it does you forget your previous comments about it never being able to do that and change it to something idiotic about sales going back to normal.

Duh, of course they will.
How about even one of you having enough stones to say I was c*cky and narrow minded when i said the 360 would never beat the ps3 even for one week and have been proven wrong.

But backtracking while your waiting for something to play is the onus of owning a ps3.

DaTruth3588d ago

PS3 is clearly a generation ahead of the others. I mean generation 6.5 could be considered a gen. Something has to fill the void between Playstations. XBOX is like a PSX.

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lnfinite3589d ago

Poor Xbots,Living in a Fantasy World Populated by Shame and Desperation