12 Years Later, Resident Evil 4 Remains the Most Important Third-Person Shooter Ever

Released in January 2005, the fourth entry in the long-running horror series was a different beast than what had come before it. The original Resident Evil, influenced by the likes of Sweet Home and 3D Monster Maze, put survival horror on the map, casting players as a group of trained operatives trapped inside a mansion filled with deadly secrets. The tenets of Resident Evil would go on to become the core pillars of the survival horror genre, challenging players to carefully manage their resources, know when to evade rather than fight an unwinnable battle, and solve devious puzzles. Nearly a decade later, series creator Shinji Mikami and the rest of his team would almost kill off the very genre they had popularized by heavily revising those tenents and creating the first truly great modern third-person shooter, inspiring developers of both shooters and survival horror games to try and capture some bit of its magic for their own purposes by aping its innovations.

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mixelon497d ago

It's likely to remain so indefinitely.. if we're talking historical importance anyway.. I can't see how anything would usurp it. You're unlikely to be as influential in a genre that's now really played out and well defined.

Nu497d ago

I'd like to hire an artist let me know If you know of any

bouzebbal497d ago

Tomb Raider was a standard to all dventure games and Zelda 64 was a natural evolution of that.
RE4 sat a new standard to the TPS genre, but killed the RE franchise at the same time.
Thankfully they changed the recipe with RE7, removing all that useless action.

Imalwaysright497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

@ bouzebbal

I disagree. RE4 was a much needed change in the franchise because RE games were becoming stagnant. RE4 to me not only saved RE but it is without any doubt one of the best games I've ever played. What killed RE was Mikami leaving Capcom after RE4.

mixelon494d ago

What sort of artist? I know a lot of them, including myself. :)

TheCommentator496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Historically, it ruined everything that Resident Evil stood for.

No puzzles (practically)
No zombies
No Umbrella
No Wesker (sorry, Ada says his name, does that count?)

Let's not forget that an expertly trained soldier doesn't know how to dodge, but a lamen with a parasite inside themselves can. Or that the plot is "Leon's quest to save the president's daughter". Strange, especially when you consider that RE:CV was not a numbered sequel yet relates closely to the plot of the preceding titles.

Was it a good game? Overall there are very few faults with it, besides it not being an appropriate RE title. The most important 3rd person shooter ever? Nope. That title goes to the first Resident Evil for sure. In contempory times, RE4 was surplanted by Gears of War and Uncharted, IMO, so for me it ranks 4th.

TheCommentator496d ago

Lol, "surplanted". I meant supplanted, but I don't type so well...

Nu493d ago

An artist that can bring my characters to paper would be nice.
Is $20 reasonable per character?

Kyosuke_Sanada497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Completely agree. The level of quality given to the game is still something to behold and it's something I wished was given to The Evil Within at release (fortunately, it was given to Vanquish in which I still believe is one of the absolute best shooters ever created) . Hopefully, Tango Gameworks will deliver in it's sequel.

I still do wish that Tabata's version was completed as well because it was supposed to signal the death of Leon Kennedy which would have been a great angle for the series. Imagining it's sequels killing off it's main characters to build up a full circle of Chris and Jill administering the final blow to Umbrella would have been a great send off not to mention a great way to have the series rebooted with a new brand new cast whenever Capcom needed too.

Nu497d ago

RE7 looks amazing but I'm not buying it. Mabe at $20I will

PhoenixUp497d ago

Well RE4 is actually the sixth main entry in the series 🤓

scofios497d ago

Re4 and zelda ocraina of time are my most beloved games of all time

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