Tom Clancy Is Headed for Wii, says Ubisoft CEO

ear in and year out, French publisher Ubisoft ships another successful game in the Tom Clancy universe. Whether it's Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon or one of the newer brands like End War, these titles clearly appeal to the hardcore base. Considering Ubisoft's strong casual focus on the Wii, does that make Tom Clancy a poor fit for the Nintendo console? Not really, says Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot.

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Omegasyde3589d ago

Any game that is developed for a next gen system (ps3/360) and the wii will definitely be turd.

Stars Wars force unleashed is a perfect example along with Madden.

ChickeyCantor3588d ago

Star wars was devloped by a DIFFERENT TEAM so the ps360 version never had problems becaus of the wii version

Product3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Your actually right but i think its just because people would rather port a game then to make it from the ground up knowing the wiis strengths and weaknesses.
Although if Call Your Shots is supported and used more in the next Madden wii i think it will be a winner.

NinjaRyu3589d ago

I'm hoping the Tom Clancy games they bring to the WII are good. Then again knowing how big 3rd partys act on their Wii devolopment games, I wouldn't be surprised if the games Ubisoft ports to the WII sucks!

Product3589d ago

it might actually be good if they didnt port it.
Ground up wii games sell...........alot are starting to come this way.

TheColbertinator3589d ago

I trust Ubisoft and I want to see what game they are bringing to the Wii

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