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Pain: Amusement Park's biggest problem is that it's not a very good value. You get one level, plus the Painlab, and that's about it. The amusement park's design isn't particularly good and doesn't have the depth of the downtown level from the original release. To top it all off, additional characters are still available only for a fee, which is almost criminal considering how much you're already paying for such limited content. If you already own Pain and are craving more, this expansion may be worth a look, but its appeal is extremely limited.

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Silogon3589d ago

Not even worth a 5 if you ask me. Pain is the biggest rip off this generation in gaming. It has nickled and dimed its users to death.

10 + characters all at a buck a pop
1 level ofr 6 bucks a pop

please. The game is 9.99, like it's worth it. All in all you're paying about 35 to 40 bucks for all of Pain's content and it's not worth 3 bucks. This game is a tech demo and not evena god one. They should've put more efforts into the awesome Bowling game than these idiots who maake this game. The HVB team is actually really talented and that game is actually fun. Pain is not. Why update pain? Why not update HVB for all of us?

PoSTedUP3589d ago

i payed 10$ for PIAN and it was great and fun and i think its what an innovative fun game is all about. i definatly got my moneys worth out of the first one. this update is like PAIN2 and it comes with the pain lab which gives it an infinite amount of mini games ya know, an INFINITE amount of MINI GAMES + a whole new level filled with things to do. its a better value than the first PAIN that's for sure.

LinuxGuru3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )


Gamespot = FAIL

chrisnick3589d ago

pain is pretty good.......and alot harder than ppl think it is.