Gamervision Retro Review: Driver - PS1

A few years before Grand Theft Auto III arrived on the PS2 and changed video games forever, Reflections Interactive released a game called Driver on the first PlayStation. A game that was revolutionary at the time, Driver featured a semi-open world, an intriguing storyline, and lots of crazy driving action. While none of this may sound too astounding now, Driver was a very unique experience when it first came out. Unfortunately, the series has since fallen flat after serving as inspiration for bigger and better games.

As the player, you take the role of Tanner, an undercover FBI agent posing as a wheelman-for-hire for various gangs throughout the United States. Though the game starts out in Miami, you will eventually move on to three other cities to complete increasingly difficult missions. Many of these are similar to ones you'd find in any GTA game, such as transporting people and vehicles from one location to another while trying to avoid the cops. Two meters, one for damage and one for felony, appear on your screen, showing you just how much trouble you are in. Unlike GTA, where you can drive a car until it catches fire and then just grab another one, you must prevent your vehicle from becoming too damaged-if the damage meter fills completely, the mission is failed.

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