Mega Man 9, Coming Soon to Playstation Network

Finally, PS Blog announces that the anticipated title will be coming soon to the PSN.

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Silogon3714d ago

The guy really talked it up, didn't?


then again, can you really talk up an 8bit game on a 600 dollar system? I don't think so. The worst part, it was made for the wii and then ported over.

El_Colombiano3714d ago

Last time I checked, the PS3 was $400...

Silogon3714d ago

Last time I checked many of us bought it when it was 600. Just cos you're Ps3 might cost 400, doesn't mean mine did.

El_Colombiano3714d ago

No, but then again you and I both bought the $600 version. We are a minority in the 15million PS3's sold as most of them are 80GB's a 40Gb's. So we have to look at the majority. PS3 = $400 system.

Omegasyde3714d ago

My PS3 was $750...

I really didn't plan on winning that bid on Ebay in December 2006. ;)

Kyur4ThePain3714d ago

HA! I guess that taught you not to fck around on eBay.

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UNCyrus3714d ago

I love the classics... I payed full retail for them when they came out originally for the NES, etc.

kapedkrusader3714d ago

...I don't care how many people disagree. But I love Megaman games and cannot stand that they spent all this time and resources on a game that:

1)Has no Trophy support.
2)Has no PSP Remote Play.
3)Plays at a 4:3 screen ratio.
4)Is done in the "artistic" 8-bit style.
5)No custom Soundtracks.
6)No surround sound.
7)Cost the same as Bionic Commando:Rearmed without the next-gen polish.

ThanatosDMC3714d ago

I want Megaman X series! Though, i could just buy the one on the PS2.... oh wait! I have it all ready...

SantanaClaus893714d ago

When is "soon"? The wait is eating me aliiiive!

Agent VX3714d ago

Yaaawwnnn, when are they gonna get so real games on the network???

Agent VX3714d ago

A game that was actually fun!!! That is a real game, and this is not!!!

Kyur4ThePain3714d ago

So you're saying none of the PSN games are fun?

DiabloRising3714d ago

You havent even played it yet...

BigBaehr3714d ago

You've clearly never played PJ Eden/Monsters, SSHD, Flow, and countless others. Then theres SOCOM coming soon. You know what, your right, no real games.
/end sarcasm

INehalemEXI3714d ago

There are plenty of good games but considering all the goods they could already have on PSN. I got to say they are slacking on bringing the Greatest classics from PS1 to PSN though.

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