The Joys of Hacking Your PSP

Kombo has long heard from friends that hacking your PSP could be a fruitful endeavor, but they never realized just how fruitful. They did some digging around the web and found that by using some PSP firmware exploits, one can replace the official Sony firmware with cracked versions that allow all kinds of fun.

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f7897903377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

I'm not saying to steal everything in sight but the advantages make the PSP so much better. You get so much more battery time from putting games on to your memory stick and it makes changing games while traveling easy. You just quit then click on another. Another advantage not mentioned is converting any ps1 game for the PSP to play. Almost all of them work.

If your interested in CF the forums at exophase were a big help for me.

moja3376d ago

You mean like the PSP itself, the one you just hacked?

farhsa20083376d ago

so glad i got my psp, have been doing this for a few months now and its great.

Dathwa3376d ago

the best thing is being able to play games that havent come out in one counrty yet like the games come out a lot earlier in america and you can also try them before you buy them which is gd