The benefit of bundling stuff with videogames

You know all that extra stuff you get when you buy a special edition or a game? A Gamertell writer believes these are often useless and companies should, instead, only offer pre-order incentives.

From the article:

"If you reserved a copy of Harvest Moon for Gamecube, for example, you got a free stuffed cow. That's cute but the only people who are going to reserve that game are people who wanted to buy that game in the first place. It's doubtful some newcomer is going to walk into the store and think, 'Well, I had absolutely no interest in this game but a free cow? How can I pass it up?!'...

The way bundles are most effective is when they are given away at the time of the reserve because people like leaving with something in their hands even if it's something simple like a key chain."

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