Maximum Review: Crysis Warhead Is Made Of Epic Win

GameXtract writes "Warhead has finally arrived! It's a shorter, but overall its a better version of Crysis. If you have to pick up a Crytek game this should be it. Not ONLY because it's better, but because you can pick it up for a mere 30 bucks."

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likeaboss3023735d ago

I picked it up yesterday and it's been pretty decent so far. The multiplayer is much improved and a lot of fun. The single player doesn't seem to run as well as the multiplayer on the same hardware. However, the graphics look the same.

Bolts3735d ago

In many ways Warhead is like a summer blockbuster action movie. It looks freaking awesome, its intense, and its full of none stop action. In terms of visual this game might have ruined Killzone 2 for me. Even at a humble "gamer" settings it blows every single console game I've ever play to hell.

GIN3734d ago

killzone 2 is still looking way better than this by a mile, and still improving, killzone 2 looks like cgi ingame, crysis is nowhere near that, so no