Full Bioshock Trophy List Revealed have just unveiled the Trophy list for 2K's upcoming fantastic FPS.

The game boasts a huge 54 trophies with the following breakdown: 48 bronze (11 hidden), 2 silver (1 hidden), 3 gold, 1 platinum.

Disappointingly similar to the Xbox 360 Achievement list but hey, it wasn't a bad list. Don't read the secret trophies for spoilers.

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xhi43687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )


i've noticed this site getting some good info like the recent little big planet trophies.

keep up the good work!

DavidMacDougall3687d ago

ME wants !!! Love trophys there so sexy

UNCyrus3686d ago

ummmm what about the DLC trophies?? I didn't see any on that list

Lord_Ash3686d ago

All the trophy are easy to get except for finishing the game on hard and survival without Vita-chamber, getting all the dairies could take some time.

Laexerias3686d ago

So this wouldnt be much of a Problem!

maggotmx3686d ago

are this new or are they the same a achievements??

Kyur4ThePain3686d ago

Can't you read? Or are you just being lazy.
I didn't even read the article, but right from the summary above :

"Disappointingly similar to the Xbox 360 Achievement list"

maggotmx3686d ago

oh my bay i just hit the jump n looked at the trophys thot all the info would be at the main page

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The story is too old to be commented.