Bringing Down the Warhammer on World of Warcraft

Is this the one? Is Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning the massively-multiplayer online game that kills World of Warcraft? It certainly isn't the first to try. In fact, every time a fantasy-themed MMO drops, that's the question that pops up: Will "[Insert Sword-Swinging Game Here]" finally knock WoW off its pedestal?

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AllseeingEye3658d ago

but the damn lag was killing me. My computer is nothing great but I can run WoW on highest settings without a problem. On Warhammer I run on the lowest and I still had massive lag. Did they fix that?

Baka-akaB3658d ago

I still got no lag issue , but i'm on Eu server anyway .
Nice article except for one major f*ck up ...

"In Warhammer, the Orcs, Chaos and Dark Elves are bad guys and evil to the core, while the Empire, Dwarfs and High Elves are the good guys. There is no grey area."

Well no , the destruction side is obviously rotten to the core and evil . However the Order isnt the good guy . The Empire obviously isnt hellbent on destruction , but isnt nice , with its abuse on peasant , witch hunting , fanatism and zeal .
The elves basically brought almost every crap happening to them on themselves with their attitude , and arent dandy fairies .

basically the Order IS actually the GREY area

Pain3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Just shut uninformed WOW baby.

WOW = IP rip-off
WOW= baby's first MMO
WOW= ACID Trip color's
WOW is just lame.

10 million people play wow cuz its the Only real game in town.
and its easy for Newbs, easily 20% population r NOOBs. most likey the same as the twit that will insult me saying WOW IS teh BesTz!!!

how many Warhammer fans will LEAVE WOW??? thats the Question and is funny cuz WAR sold 1.5 million copies already. Google it .

Now go play your break dancing Orc. truth sucks.

xhairs93657d ago

WotLK is becoming more and more of a dread for me. With its new battleground (with an instance) sounding more and more stupid every time I hear about it. I can't stand how they want to create a battleground with an instance for whomever controls is and also make it world PVP. Alliance out-number horde on 99% of the servers, WHY would you do this? It's like Halaa, horde never own it because we just don't give a sht to fight 1:5.

As far as the new BG goes, I wouldn't even consider playing a part of it. Moving on to Death Knights. Why in the hell would they give us a new class to play WHEN THEY HAVEN'T EVEN FIXED THE ORIGINAL CLASSES YET? WHY? It's SO stupid. Not to mention anyone can get this "magical" being. At least create a massive chain quest or an (dun dun dun...) ACHIEVEMENT to get it that's ridiculous.

Also adding in achievements -- WoW? Where have you gone. Last I checked it was a PC game, not a GAMES FOR WINDOWS or a 360 game. Losing my respect at an astounding rate...does anyone want to buy my acct?

Khadgar (Horde) LV-70 Orc Warrior (full S2 arena set), perfect tanking set (492 def & 60% avoidance).

Blackhand (Alliance) LV-70 Gnome Mage (some raiding gear/some pvp gear), 5,000g and lots of other stuff in the bank.

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