Saints Row 2 Has Serious Voice Acting Talent

Kris Erickson writes:

"Here's one thing to add to the ever expanding list of things players can do in the upcoming Saints Row 2: listen to the silky-smooth voice of Neil Patrick Harris. In a recent video trailer released by THQ, Harris reveals that he won't be playing a character anything like the nerdy doctor on Doogie Howser, MD."

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Killjoy30003471d ago

Pretty good stuff. Too bad I won't have enough cash to pick this one up.

IzKyD13313471d ago

yeah, just too many games this fall...this is a pass for me

Random_Gumby3471d ago

graphics in SR2 < GTA4 but probably/hopefully gameplay and longevity will pwn GTA, which is what counts for me.

Omegasyde3471d ago

Might be the better game....

Eliza dusku ftw.

LinuxGuru3471d ago

OMFG WORF is in Saints Row 2!

Instant buy!


^^ trekkie

clinker3471d ago

LOL, I wouldn't call Doogie Howser "Serious acting talent"

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