Report: PS4 Pro ‘Boost Mode’ improves performance on some older games Video

Sony’s next major PlayStation 4 firmware includes a new system setting, Boost Mode, that reportedly enables the PlayStation 4 Pro to deliver better performance for games that don’t explicitly support the beefier console.

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crazychris4124618d ago

Could use the boost in Arkham Knight, framerate drops noticeably when things get crazy like crashing through stuff in the batmobile

Eidolon617d ago

I think it runs pretty good, hardly one of the culprit games for frame rat issues.

Master of Unlocking617d ago

Great option, but since the firmware isn't coming out right now, can't they also add support for 4K vids from an HDD in the meantime?
I'm also a little concerned this could melt my PS4 Pro's" internal organs" if used too intensively, so I prob won't be using it too much.