IGN: SOCOM: Confrontation Q&A

SOCOM enthusiasts are obviously eager to experience SOCOM: Confrontation, the next iteration of the renowned shooter heading to Sony's current-gen console. Featuring intense action and highly-strategic gameplay, Confrontation is sure to please. Considering the upcoming release of this Slant Six project, IGN took some time to correspond with Director of Development at SCEA, Seth Luisi, about a recently announced map for Confrontation.

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redsnake3589d ago

this game looks like its going to be extremely good.

James Vanderbeek3589d ago

I love it and this is my first socom..

ELite_Ghost3589d ago

its extremely laggy! otherwise it's good!

arakouftaian3589d ago

experience than many other games n its just a beta, this is my firt socom n i love it !!!