PS4 firmware 4.50 add Boost Mode for PS4 Pro

PS4 firmware 4.50 add Boost Mode for PS4 Pro

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Kingthrash360502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Lol....more power maybe?
I also hear external hdd and custom back rounds support too

Neonridr502d ago

yeah, and 3D Blu Ray support for PSVR.

ShadowKnight502d ago

Yup it will be able to support 8tb usb 3.0 external HDD support.

fenome502d ago

Beast mode activated. Lol

darthv72502d ago

this is sweet feature. Makes me want the pro even more now.

Also, if anyone is in the beta can they please confirm if the external support is for 'installing to' and 'playing from' the external hdd or does it only work to move games from the internal to the external and back again?????

Eonjay502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Eva Unit 2 Beast Mode confirmed?
But in all honesty, someone has mentioned the fact that this was for OG PS4 games. The comparison would be like taking the games you already own on one PC and then upgrading your GPU and getting better graphics, smother framerates... So even if a game doesn't have a defined Pro mode, you can still get benefits. Its optional because boosting clock speeds in certain games can cause instability in certain games. So it was something that Sony needed to work on. Apparently its done.

Looks like External USB support is coming as well... I think it may be time for me to upgrade...

Aenea502d ago


Can confirm!

The storage section now shows a list of hard disks where the first is the built in one, when you click on it then you get the regular screen with how much data is used for Applications, Videos and screenshots, Savegames, etc.

You need to format the hdd in the System menu, when I hooked one up a popup told me it couldn't use the hdd due to the filesystem without telling me to go to the System menu.

Immediately ordered a 4TB external :) (and a 3d bluray)

Ju501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

Dang. I just got me a 2TB drive...but guess what. It's already full. Guess I have some use for that external original drive now :) And I guess I have to get that beta ASAP I come home now.

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TankCrossing502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Would speculate it prevents the downclocking when running non-Pro games. It could give a bit of a framerate boost to games with variable frame rates (or games that struggle to maintain the target).

It could also break compatibility in some rare cases, hence it is optional.

Hopefully it makes it to release. Every little counts.

Neonridr502d ago

yeah.. locking down games where the framerate fluctuates is what my guess it would be for too.

MecheSlays502d ago

or games like doom with scalable resolutions

dumahim502d ago

So maybe just a minor bump from the increased clock, but still keeping the mirrored GPU off? I can live with that.

TankCrossing502d ago

Yup good shout on games with dynamic resolution.

Ju501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

It's a start. I would imagine, since this is system wide feature and not per game, that it uses some sort of internal whitelist. And thus should work for most of the games but would fall back for games Sony wouldn't approve? Would be simple to implement. Question is, if the gpu indeed remains disabled. Don't see a reason for that. Shader would still probably not take advantage of the full potential without a patch, but it would still be faster. Pushing 30 to 60 without a patch won't happen just with that Booster.

And man, that HDD feature is cool. Just hooked up my old 1TB drive and moving 650GB over...takes 45 minutes, though :P

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Genuine-User502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

This will most likely lock the unstable 30fps and 60fps games :D

Games that drop below their respective targets of 30fps and 60fps will likely be locked on the PS4 Pro.

UCForce502d ago

You mean unlocked 30 fps?

Cobra951502d ago

There we go. Thank you, genuine-user. If this works well, it should give the Pro an edge it should have had right out of the box.

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starchild502d ago

I've been hoping for this feature ever since the Pro launched and didn't offer improvements to games without Pro patches. This makes the Pro literally twice as cool in my eyes.

Like I said in the other article on this subject, all I want from my console games from a technical standpoint is a stable framerate and clean image quality. The Pro is now going to be tackling both of those issues to a much greater degree.

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gamepadneo502d ago

finally a stable Witcher 3

robtion502d ago

Perfect excuse for me to revisit Bloodborne again too.

nitus10501d ago

The Lecturer Theater in Bloodborne was the only place where I experienced significant slowdown but you are not there that long unless you die allot so I did not find it annoying.

Exari501d ago

but it seems like it wont unlock bb's framerates, but instead make it stable at 30.. i hope im wrong

DMZ_P502d ago

If that's true, then this is a BEAST of an update !

Good-Smurf502d ago

If this true then,it's time to upgrade to Pro!

aziz96502d ago

So, can i play Uncharted 4 in 60 fps now ?

Eonjay502d ago

Probably not if the game has a lock on the framerate. It will basically prevent frame drops.

Aenea502d ago

UC4 already has a Pro patch, still 30fps in SP...

PersonMan502d ago

Delete the game, and reinstall it, but don't update the game to the latest patch. Turn on boost mode, and see what happens.

Chumdiddy502d ago

I'm waiting for people to try this exact thing on the Pro patched games. For me, specifically Uncharted 4 and The Last Guardian.

nitus10501d ago

I would advise backing up first especially if you have a digital download.

Shakengandulf501d ago

Games that are locked to 30fps most likely wont change. Anything that doesn't hold 30 or 60fps should get a boost.