dBTechno: TNA IMPACT! Review

dBTechno Writes:

"TNA IMPACT! certainly has its fair share of issues, hang-ups, etc. This is as clear as day the first time you play it for more than a few hours."

"The thing about it though is that there is a solid foundation for Midway to build on, and that is what I am going to praise this game for. The gameplay that is in place is a lot of fun, and provides a great pick-up-and-play feel for all to enjoy. Midway needs to go back to the drawing board and add all of those extra elements in that make a full wrestling game. These include thing such as in-ring referees, longer entrances, fighting in the crowd, more weapons, more rules, etc."

"Once this is all done though I see big things for TNA IMPACT!". If you are a diehard wrestling fan I would recommend this to hold you over until the next Smackdown vs. Raw, just don't expect much longevity out of it. I will be eagerly awaiting to see what they do with the sequel to this one!"

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