New Resistance 2 Trailer - Orick CA Intro

New Resistance 2 Trailer - Orick CA Intro

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pwnsause3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

0_o i agree... Wow, those in-game cutscenes looks pre-rendered, although that's running on the PS3 in real time...

NO_PUDding3740d ago

Colour me shocked.

I really don't want a game that's so meh, but each time I see it, it's less meh and Insomnaic are undeniably great AND there are 3 damn parts of the game - 2 are campaigns.

What's a guy to do?

Rick Astley3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Oh my god this is going to be amazing. The new cut-scenes look incredible and the lip-synchs are perfect. FPS of the year for me.

IzKyD13313740d ago

pudding, im shocked that your doubting buying this game, it looks so amazing

NO_PUDding3740d ago

Well the splicer thing just amde me think of Gears of War and I felt it lacked the Insomniac innoncence.

And it does.

It's very much comparable to Gears of War 2, which is no doubt a great game but I don't fancy .

But then it's got a LOT more content than Gears of War, and much more imaginative weapon design. And huge bosses.

pwnsause3740d ago

Never Doubt Insomniac Games. Resistance 1 was a let down because it was a Launch PS3 title. but it did its job and got a fanbase, because it has an awesome storyline, and yes it did some things that could not be done on the 360 in terms of AI and physics. I've never doubted insomniac games, want to know why? because they pushed the graphics, AI and Physics on the PS2. They made a lot of great Rachet and Clank games, which are AAA BTW. heck look what they did with Ratchet and Clank on the PS3, looks almost like a pixar Movie, that's how much they pushed the graphics on the Resistance engine.

Gears 1 was a 2nd Generation Xbox 360 title developed by Epic. Gears 1 Basically showed developers what can be done on the 360 and beyond. Now it has competition.

TOO PAWNED3740d ago


Do you realize how much you fail? The splicer was in ratchet games like 5 years before GeOW so PLEASE stop pretending like you are "bummed" but actually are looking for a reason to mention Geow.

3740d ago
Ju3740d ago

Maybe the Splicer was inherited from R&C, but now it looks like the chainsaw from GoW. And it makes the game unnecessarily violent. just my 2c. Still, I'm gonna buy it. But I am not happy, that they changed the gameplay into mainstream FPS, instead of keeping the R&C touch (weapon reel etc). I do understand why they did it, though. To attract the GoW crowd. And that's what it is. Will sell more that way, I'd guess.

IzKyD13313740d ago

"PWNSAUNCE, I see you stilll like to talk out of your ass. Resistance did things that can't be done on a 360? LMAO."

what 360 game has 60 player multiplayer?
if this were on the 360, it would be lag hell

Skadoosh3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

It sure looks like they copied the best of Gears and COD4 and made Resistance 2.

Your naming multiplayer numbers? That has nothing to do with the 360. Mention one thing that Resistance does that cannot be done on the 360.

EDIT, Pwnsaunnnce, I asked you to mention one thing and you didn't. HAHA, That's what I thought!

The AI and physics? LMAO! Like I said, your just talking out of your ass.

pwnsause3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

i dont talk out of my *ss, thank you. why dont you go play the game and see what im talking about. what game can do 40 players online on the 360? what frontlines, a fail game? What game had some form of scale on the 360? The AI in Resistance was smart and the physics were really good for a launch game. Why dont you go play it and refresh your memory.

Everyone is disagreeing with you.

and its not PWNSAUNCE, its PWNSAUSE you f**king Panda.

"EDIT, Pwnsaunnnce, I asked you to mention one thing and you didn't. HAHA, That's what I thought!"

i did. jeez why I talking to someone who cant read. Damn, Pandas are dumb after all.

"What game had some form of scale on the 360? The AI in Resistance was smart and the physics were really good for a launch game. Why dont you go play it and refresh your memory."

Read that again.

Ninja-Sama3740d ago

everytime a PS3 exclusive beckons and looks amazing ppl. are qucik to compare it to gears. I mean OMG. Is that like the ONLY game you ppl have on ur system? Or is it the only game worth playing? Everytime Gears this Gears that...get a new worthwhile exclusive to brag about plz?

Hell at this rate, when LBP is releaseed, ppl will compare to Gears...sheesh. I can see it now: "Look sackboy is taking cover behind that cushion! ZOMG Gears did the cover system first (NOT) blah blah blah...

DiabloRising3740d ago

Hmm... Skadoosh running to the defense of the 360 in another PS3 topic. Must be a day ending in Y...

StephanieBBB3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I can't agree with ya'll that this trailer was good. The whole stage and everything felt like it was stuck and setup on monorail tracks. Compare the feeling of the enviroment in this trailer to farcry 2's enviroment and this feels very unrealistic and fake. (much like a hollywood movie's backdrop).

Im sure that R2 will be freaking awesome but this trailer sucked monkey balls imo.

NO_PUDding3740d ago

Can't believe I just got flames for saying it looks like Gears of War 2 how they've added more gore, but the fact that there's so much more content is why I'm sold.

What's wrong with you people?

Resistance 2 I know will have tons more content (and personally I think looks better).

It's just not very funny or Insomniac like that's all.

Now if another one of you idiots tries to jump down my throat when I am being totally objective I am gonna rip the verbal crap out of you.

Ju3740d ago

@Skadoosh. Don't abuse my comment for a fanboy rant, please. I think the technical achievements in R2 are amazing. Insomniac is doing a great job with the game. Don't get me wrong. But, - and someone mentioned that above - my preference is currently swinging slowly towards FC2. R2 is a must have title, no doubt about that. It'll push the PS3 like no other title before. I am just not so sure, personally, if the obvious design changes would be my favorite ones.

Jackthepwnsaur3740d ago

"Now if another one of you idiots tries to jump down my throat when I am being totally objective I am gonna rip the verbal crap out of you."

I think you're outnumbered. XD

DiabloRising3740d ago

Stephanie... that was a cutscene. The levels in R1, while linear, were quite open.

Michael Jackson3740d ago

I don't get it why people, who have no plans of getting this game, resort to bashing a game they won't be playing. Just because you only own one console, be it a PS3 or a 360, doesn't mean you have to pay attention to every exclusive game the other console has coming out. Gears 2 is going to be great. Resistance 2 is going to be awesome. Feel good about YOUR own console. Feel good about YOUR own exclusives. But don't try to make yourself feel good by bashing something you can't have.

Jinxstar3740d ago

Wish I could see the vid while at work. I agree anyway =D

DaTruth3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Bots are always talking about the SDF. Then they come into the PS3 section and rip on our good news. If you aren't interested in this game, you shouldn't be here. Anybody who comes into a thread about a game their not interested in on another system just to rip on it is part of a defense force. GET OUT OF HERE MSDF's!!!

gambare3740d ago

This is going to sound extremely biased but....

They compare anything of the PS3 with gears because there is nothing else on the 360 with the gears quality, the other games are below that quality, and gears is the best thing the 360 have to offer right now.

CrazzyMan3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

i wonder, if this possible. :)

@StephanieBBB, this graphics are about CGI-Like, not ReaLlife-like.)
I`m satisfied with SUCH quality. =)

INehalemEXI3740d ago

Day 1 purchase for sure. You know Resistance Retribution looks amazing too for it being a handheld game.

Overr8ed3740d ago

OMG the game looks above what I expected. Great Cutsence it almost reminded me of MGS4 (but its doesnt rival it). IG did it again this looks above EPIC!!!

Why o why3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

who/what is Skadoosh's previous screen name(s) I wonder. Im sure we'll work it out sooner or later cause that trolling style sounds familiar

lol @below

Hububla3740d ago

Yes actually we can bring up multi-player numbers because it takes alot of power to render that many models on screen at once! if gears had 30 on 30 they would cut the draw distance down to 3 feet and the graphics would look like the first socom

solidt123740d ago

I can't wait to play this game. Doesn't seem wierd seeing Hale talk since the first one was narrated. I aam glad they chose this direction though. Day one purchase man.

VF34EJ253740d ago

Guys, don't even bother talking to Skadooche.

Still remember he doesn't know what RGB is and claims to have a PS3. Then goes around every N4G article bashing PS3 stuff.

Quite obvious no?

Bubble Buddy3740d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

:O. Hale sounds cooler and he talks a lot more now. :). First day for me, screw school, killing chimeras come first. Man I love the way the bullseye bullets sound.

bootsielon3739d ago

And it was obviously pre-rendered, at least everything other than Hale and the soldiers had much better quality than the rest of the game. Ted Price even said there would be cut-scenes to supposedly make the game load faster, but now that the game has cut-scenes it is probably being touched up a bit, if not a lot.

If this is in-game, I'll be mightily surprised.

nieto3739d ago

yup, this game it's going to be fantastic!

otherZinc3739d ago

that wasnt close to what the game is going to look or play like. Resistance is going to be very average at best once again.

& please stop comparing Resistance to Gears, Gears is exceptional, Resistance is average at best.

Yipee Bog3739d ago

how the visuals can change so drastically on the same system within a couple years. Cant wait to see resistance 3, or any other ps3 game in the future

IaMs123739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Its not because of the PS3 Resistance had the amazing AI.. its the Devs who make... all the PS3 does it give it more capabilties to do, and it should give more then the 360 well because for the 100th time its freaking newer! AI has nothing to do with the PS3, its not built into the hardware..(or is it, if it is enlighten me, no really,) but then wouldnt all games have the same AI? get over it f-ing fanboys, PS3 can achieve stuff the 360 cant and vice versa, they are both 2 very different consoles, gosh i hate fanboys

EDIT: oh yah wanted to add, multi-player numbers doesnt mean it will have the best multiplayer, Ex. Gears 1 and Halo both have one the best multiplayer expierence and they are 4v4, but halo has a 8v8. But from what i heard, the maps in R2 wont change as in you cant destroy the enviroment because too much is going on, sometimes too much but i wish 360 had some games that had a lot of people it is fun, just i cant afford a ps3

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IzKyD13313740d ago

cutscenes have improved so much in the past few months, and the mouth movements have improved too.....this is gonna be sick

3740d ago
cahill3740d ago


queers of war 1.1 ????


Spread Butt Cheeks3740d ago

i like how you guys cum at a script video. i assure you that you wont get graphics like this. no game has yet to on the PS3 and no game will. wait till you see gear2 sale vs r2. you're gonna cry

cemelc3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

That game looks great, i cant believe it this game is going to be intense.


EDIT:@Spread Butt Cheeks dude if your going to cry this much about how great this game is, be sure to be on your xbox while doing so perhaps that will keep it from reaching nuclear reactor temperatures.

IzKyD13313740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

"i assure you that you wont get graphics like this. no game has yet to on the PS3 and no game will"

Just for you:


Shroomy3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Those graphics are awful plain like Resistance 1

The blood effects are really nice though, it would be a nice treat if there was gore.


Oh, looks like someone had a stressful day! n_n

lnfinite3740d ago

It is Clear the Xbots are now Contemplating throwing their Flopbox into a River,let us Join Hands and Welcome them to the Playstation Family

TheXgamerLive3740d ago

R2 will be better than Grayzone 2 that's for damned sure but don't even try to comapre that pathetic video to the sh1t that gears 1 even leaves behind after a dump. I mean that was "Nothing" to be happy about, seriously.

If that's what your getting then it's high 7's all around.

unjust3740d ago

and yes it will still blow away your poor mans version GOW

theKiller3739d ago

tomorrow we will see in the new york times some few individuals making suicides!!

and too bad, i personally believe this game will sell more this year than gears of war 1.5, but after that gears 1.5 will sell more due to the fact they have no other games to play but we will have killzone 2!!! hahahahahahhahahaa

-_-3739d ago

[[poor xbots,they are such losers]]

JIN KAZAMA3739d ago

Why do you care about sales. are you getting a piece of the profits from Gears of War 2 sales? NO, thats what I thought. DipSH*T

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3739d ago

That pretty much sums it up right there Lol.

AngryBot3739d ago

Gays in war 1.5 doesnt hold a frikkin candle against LA RESISTANCE 2!



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CViper3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

They are really turning up the heat with the Real life action camera, it makes it feel so cinematic. The stuff before was good, but it didn't look INTERESTING. They pulled off a city..with damage.. not exactly the coolest thing int he world.. but i like to see more of the lighting/particles/object motion blur (FTMFW--no, not just bland post processed multiplat blur)

I wonder if like r1, they are just going to slowly pour out the "OH MY F&C(ING GOD" until the end.

King_many_layers3740d ago

well that's exactly how they've allways stated to work.

Get the game finished then Beef up the graphics to high heaven.
great feel to that cinematic I felt.

Parapraxis3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

King_many_layers is right, Insomniac discussed it in their last podcast. The game is basically done, they are going to take all the time left before goint to press the game to polish polish polish. It already looked good, but when it's done it'll be insanely pretty i think.

EDIT: HAHAHA, Tears of Disagreement.

Masta_fro3739d ago

you see the key feature in Resistance is that the gameplay is solid. And i mean really solid. The first one didn't look "amazing", but the gameplay was as solid as it could be.

So to me, all this new shinny visual stuff, cool sounds, lip-sync, and story, is just icing on the cake.

Like ratchet and clank...its the gameplay that traps you, then the pixar-like graphics make you feel like you're in a 5-star hotel.